Depression in adolescents and teenagers

  It is seen that adolescents and teenagers are vulnerable to depression due to both known and unknown reasons. As the children reach to their adolescence, a lot of changes occur both in their physical and emotional growth. There are changes in their bodies, their brains and their place in the world during adolescence. They […]

Signs and Symptoms of depression

Everyone feels low every now and then. This is a normal feature in human life. However, when sadness and withdrawal become persistent for a long time, then it should not be ignored. Depression can be hereditary, but often it may affect people with no family history of the illness. There is no one pattern of […]

Causes of Depression

Following are the causes of depression:   A family history of depression. Drug or alcohol abuse. Feeling trapped in your life. Depression due to certain diseases and serious illness.  Due to some stressful events in life. Sadness due to the death or loss of a close one. Social isolation.   Family History of Depression   […]

13 Things a teenager must know

Teenage years are an exciting time of life although these years can also be challenging Teenagers to face a lot of problems. They suffer from low self-esteem, they develop stress and depression, they feel incapable of taking decisions, they get confused, they suffer from lack of enthusiasm and feel a lot of pressure on coping […]