Protecting children from bullying at school?

You must know these points to make your children aware and safe from getting bullied at school or society. 

Protecting children from bullying at school is crucial. Sometimes you are not aware of the problems our children face in school. Some children shy away from sharing such things with their parents. As a parent, you need to know how to handle your kids when bullying happens to your kids. A few days back I […]

10 Healthy Habits for children

Healthy Habits in Children

10 Healthy Habits parents can start  teaching their children from childhood.  As the Habit formation starts in children from childhood. If the parents follow healthy habits, it will more likely become a habit for the children. Parents are role models in making children physically active. Spain was ranked the world’s healthiest country and will soon […]

How parents should answer children’s questions during Covid-19 Pandemic.

children during Covid 19 Pandemic

During Covid-19 Pandemic, there are various questions in the minds of children. Those questions are sometimes difficult to answer. Here are ways to learn how parents should answer children’s questions during Coronavirus (Covid)-19 pandemic. We are suffering from Covid 19 Pandemic since last year and we recently witnessed a heart-wrenching condition that happened in the […]

It is essential to teach cooking during Covid-19 Pandemic

That is right! You must teach cooking to your children during Covid-19 Pandemic time. Also, give them knowledge about different food items and nutrition Food is an essential part of our lives. It is one of the reasons we are alive. This makes it so important that each one of us knows how to cook. […]

Parent-Child relationship problems

Parent-Child relationship problems: Aren’t children responsible for maintaining it? Sumit Singh and Ishani Kapoor meet at a meeting arranged by their parents. They like each other and soon they get married. They start their married life and soon their parents and society start expecting them to start their family. And they come under their pressure […]

Parenting tips: How to boost Self-confidence in Children

How to boost self confidence in Children

Parenting tips: How to boost self-confidence in Children Self-confidence equals better performance. Better performance in what? Here I am focusing only on exams. Yes, if the parents boost self-confidence of their children, they perform better in exams. It is even surprising to know that a confident student will perform much better in exams than the […]

Parenting tips: Activities to do with children during #quarantine.

Parenting tips: Activities to do with children during #quarantine.

Parenting tips: Activities to do with children during #quarantine. Parents who are working from home have got an excellent opportunity to spend time with their children. It can not only be watching TV together but so many other activities in which you can involve them during this #quarantine. Did you ever think we would #selfquarantine […]

#parenting tips: How can parents become a support system for their children?

parenting tips to become support system for their children

#parenting tips: How can we become a support system for our children? Today’s youth are battling a crazy-fast-paced world. With so many options and opportunities, school is just one part of their busy schedules. Extra-curricular activities intrude on afternoons, weekends and the evenings. The logistics alone can be stressful. And stress for your child is […]

How to Reduce Screen Time in Children


How to Reduce Screen Time in Children. Nowadays, long screen time has become a prevalent issue among everyone. Parents prevent children from spending time on screen, but they are also addicted to it. Let us read about this article to know how to reduce screen time in children. A few days ago, I went to […]

Guide your children how to share a strong family bond

Strong Family bond

Guide your children how to share a strong family bond Parents! Pay attention to these parenting tips for teaching your child to inculcate strong family bond and to know them that “FAMILY COMES FIRST“. 1. Be a positive role model for your children Parents are the role models of their children. The children copy how […]