Makarsankrant in Nandu’s Village  

Children flying kites near river

Like every year, Nandu’s family was also preparing to bathe in the Ganges on Makar Sankranti. All Nandu’s elder brothers had gone to the city to study, so only Nandu was doing all the preparations along with his mother. Nandu’s two sisters were younger, so Nandu had to bear all the responsibilities of the house.

The Secret of Happiness

Happy King

With this story  you will get know the “Secret of Happiness” Once a king who lost his battle, his throne, his power and position and was living as an escapist in a jungle asked a saint the same question, ‘How can I happily live my life when I have lost everything, What is the Secret […]

Welcome Zindagi Chapter 11: Childhood Memories

childhood memories

Welcome Zindagi Chapter 11: Childhood Memories Well, somehow, when he reached at home that day, it was eight o’clock. On that day he remembered the incident of Delhi. Last year, he and Suman went to Delhi to join the wedding ceremony of the son of his neighbour Pandey Ji. Suman’s cousin, Divya and her husband […]

Welcome Zindagi Chapter 10: Annoying Boss

Annoying Boss

Welcome Zindagi Chapter 10: Annoying Boss Sharma was scared to remember yesterday’s incident. He felt that if he did not work, the noise would go up, and today, Sahab would have to suspend him. “Well, I’m going to stay for you till one hour, your work will be finished,’ Sharma was sad but people breathed […]

Welcome Zindagi Chapter 9: Procrastination


Welcome Zindagi Chapter 9: Procrastination Let’s see how your work can be done faster. Now you go and see us again in the next month. Hopefully, something positive may happen till that. Sharma ji told while folding back his file. It was a line of people waiting behind him. ‘What! next month? There are many […]

Welcome Zindagi Chapter 8: Sharma ji gave a lesson


Chapter-8  Sharma ji gave a lesson So, when I have to come now?’ Dushyant was looking in a dilemma. His experience with Sharma Ji was not good. He was aware of the working process of Sharma and prepared himself to visit this office many times to get his work done. So, when the work went […]

Welcome Zindagi Chapter 7: The Reunion


Welcome Zindagi Chapter 7: The Reunion The friends got the reason for his anger and considering the appropriateness of time; they apologized to Sharmaji. ‘Hey Sharmaji, please don’t feel offended. We did not mean that, why would we make fun of you. It was like a little humour, nothing else.’ Saxena explained. “Yes, Sharmaji, we […]

Welcome Zindagi Chapter 6: Tension in Office


Welcome Zindagi Chapter 6: Tension in Office Sharma Ji was looking very busy in the office on that day. Not even went to sip the routine tea, called the tea there at his table itself. His friends invited him to join a tea session outside the office, but he refused and replied “I have a […]

Welcome Zindagi Chapter 5: The Murder Mystery


Chapter 5- The Murder Mystery The novel she was reading was a murder mystery. Police and detective both were in search of a murderer. Sometimes it seemed that the detective would now capture the killer. But only then situations took a turn, and some other person started looking as a suspect. But only then there […]

Welcome Zindagi Chapter 4: An unpleasant day


An unpleasant day But as soon as she sat down to watch her favourite TV show, the power went out. The inverter was installed at the house, but only a single fan and one light could run on it, the TV could not run on the inverter. ‘How many times have I told him to […]