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Your job as a parent continues when your teen becomes an adult. Learn more about parenting challenges like rat race in education and career, Life skills, eating out, emotional wellbeing, relationships you may face after your teen goes to college.
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Ways to bring back hope in life

There are moments in life when you give up because there is no room for hope and positivity in life.

You feel that things will never be right for you. Many people go through such a state of mind at some point in their life. However, there are many ways to overcome such a situation. Following them will help you find a ray of hope in life.

Here are some tips that you can do to feel good and bring back hope in life:

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Man who is sad standing under clouds

How do you face the experience of failure?

Sometimes deep thoughts can make you feel helpless. But failure is also part of life, and we have to learn to deal with it. Some failures in life hurt more than others. Some failures cannot be solved without asking for help from an expert or some experienced and reliable person. However, most of them can be solved by yourself.

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organise life

How to organise your life?

My present life has become highly dis-organised, what should I do to fix it?   How to organise your life? Your present life is dis-organised;

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Signs and Symptoms of depression

Signs and Symptoms of depression

There is no one pattern of symptoms of depression that exist. They can be as common as crying and overwhelming despair to so much subtle that the person may not notice by himself, but their friends and loved ones may notice.

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Find Your true calling

Find your true calling

This is one and a different kind of article I wanted to share to find your true calling. Whenever I meet my friend Meera, she has

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