How can I get rid of temptation fear?

How can I get rid of temptation fear


Apprehension and fear – How can I get rid of temptation fear?

Most people are afraid of different things and situations.

You must have heard that some people are afraid of swimming, they are scared of water.

Some have a fear of height.

And most of the students have a fear of examination.

I was also afraid of the examinations of my childhood.

Once I had a dream that, I was late for #exams in my school and while running to school, my feet were ticking on the ground.

After a lot of struggle, when I reached the school, I saw the gates are closed, and the gatekeeper is not ready to open the gate.

I begged him to let me in.

Unwillingly, he opened the gate.

When I reached the examination hall, my classmates were busy writing their exams.

After a long wait and facing my teacher’s hard looks, I began to write my exam.

As I started writing, I came to know that I had prepared for the wrong subject and was unable to answer any questions.

Can you imagine the climax!!!!!

I failed in the exams and all my friends were promoted to the next class.

You all can understand how sad I was!

But really, it never happened, because it was a dream.

There had never been any such incident.

This was nothing but apprehension.

What can be the reason of such apprehensions?

Here are a few reasons for such apprehension:

1. Genetic traits

There may be some genetic factors responsible for this.

Some people may also have a genetic cause of stress and anxiety.

2. Personal stress

Personal stress can also trigger this problem.

For example, a person, once trapped in the darkroom, may be horrified by dark places later.

These personal stresses have many factors –

– The parents, teachers and society create a panic in the mind of the children towards their examinations.
Sometimes expectation of parents from their child is more than the ability of the child.

This creates a kind of fear in the child’s mind.

– Their peer group also stresses children.

They are under pressure that if they did not do well, they could become a joke.

Children are often afraid of teachers also that they will embarrass them in class.

– Sometimes, children are under pressure due to their performance and to maintain them; they also create tension in their mind.

– Due to not being prepared for the exam becomes a reason to fear.

Sometimes, even after reading everything, children do not believe in their self, and the lack of confidence also creates fear inside them.

3. Tendency to escape

In some instances, children get terrified of exams due to some psychological problem.

They get disturbed by everything that is difficult to do.

What are the remedies to overcome this fear?


Firstly, avoid unwanted pressures

You should first try to find out the cause of your fear.

If it is due to pressure imposed by the parents and teachers, then parents and teachers must understand that they should not create havoc of exams among the children.

Motivate them to read well, but do not put any pressure on the examination and its outcome.

Motivate them to take it easy.

The role of the parents is significant.

If the parents do not take any pressure, the children also become stress-free.

Secondly, make good friends

If the pressure is born to the children because of some other children of their group, then try to stay away from those children who make fun of them or bully them.

Thirdly, the responsibility of teachers

If the exams are heading, the teachers should tell the children how to prepare for the exams systematically.

How can they study better in less time?

While studying, they should also pay attention to their proper nutrition, exercises and games.

Teachers should include these tips separately to the children.

Do not tell the exam to be a fear-making factor and present it as a simple method to reduce the stress of children.

Teach them how to write the answers accurately.

If children prepare themselves right along with school studies, they overcome the fear of examination.

Fourthly, the family atmosphere

The atmosphere should also be pleasant and collaborative at home.

There should not be any comparison to anyone, and there should be any discussion about the outcome of the examination etc.

Fifthly, doctor’s advice.

After making so many efforts if still there is tension in mind, then the child has a psychological problem.

For which, consulting a doctor is essential.

You can also get a medical checkup done to overcome the possibility of any disease.

Also, Compete with the doubts

No one knows how long he or she is going to live.

This is a universal truth and applies to one and all.

So you don’t need to worry.

Personal stress can also trigger the apprehension.

For example, a person may be frightened of dark places because of being trapped in a dark room in any prior incident.

If you think logically, you’ll find that whatever you feel is due to some fear and apprehensions within you.

Confront the apprehensions and identify their causes.

If you are ready to fight with apprehensions, you must be less afraid.

If the outcome of the exam comes short of your expectation, be courageous to face your parents & classmates because it is not the last exam.

You can always bring better results by taking up the exam again.

If your ability is so, don’t be offended by your skills and don’t be discouraged.

Capabilities are limited, and hard work can improve the same.

Try and work hard to do better in the future by accepting what you have achieved now.

When you take your results, you will not be bothered about how others are dealing with you.

Lastly, Always be comfortable

Take the exam comfortably and accept the result smoothly and gladly.

Avoid comparing results because every person acts according to their abilities.

So do not put yourself on others scales.

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