How do I stop overthink about things?

How do I stop overthink about things?


I share with you my personal experience. How do I stop overthink about things?

A few days behind, I lost a small jewellery piece in the morning and kept on wondering the whole day where I had missed it.

It took my entire day.

My family had planned to go to a movie that day as it was a holiday.

So, we went as per schedule as the tickets were already booked.

I could not enjoy the film a bit although the movie was incredibly entertaining.

After the movie, we had dinner in an acclaimed restaurant.

The food was delectable, but I was not enjoying that.

Everyone in my family was suggesting me to forget the event and enjoy the day. But I nothing could stop restlessness of my mind.

In a nutshell, the entire day of my family was spoiled.

I did not find that missing piece and had to go to bed tired and stressed.

I write answers on the website Quora regularly and check my account every day for new questions.

( For information: Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.)

However, I could not check my Quora account on that day (due to the apparent reason).

The next morning when I logged into my account, I found my mailbox was filled with several questions.

While reading the questions, I found that people have more pressing issues than me.

I felt disappointed to think that I wasted my holiday searching for my jewellery piece, spoiled the fun the family and I could have enjoyed.

And I did not even answer the queries of Quora.

I could not relive the previous day, so I decided not to repeat the same mistake in the future.

My mind was at peace, so I recalled the moment I noticed that the jewellery piece was missing.

I forgot that I went to the basement to fetch a few books that day.

I had searched everywhere except the basement.

Immediately, I rushed towards the basement, and to my surprise, it was lying on the floor near the bookshelf.

What a moment was that!

This event gave me some invaluable teachings.

Overthinking about issues does not solve problems. Only right thinking and right actions solve the problems.

Overthinking creates anxiety.

Anxiety diminishes the wisdom to solve problems.

Anxiety and overthinking spoil the happiness and people are not able to enjoy beautiful things in their lives.

How do I stop overthink about things?


How to deal with overthinking:

Pay attention to your thoughts.
If your thoughts create anxiety then it is the time to stop thinking about those issues.
Try to divert your mind into other activities which you like to do or you can continue with other important tasks.
You need to remember the disadvantages of overthinking .
You will be able to master your mind only when you understand the disadvantages of overthinking and advantages of right thinking.
When you follow the above exercise everytime you start overthinking, after sometime you will be the master of your mind and not the slave of your thoughts.
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