What is that one thing we miss to learn?

“What is that one thing we miss to learn”


what is that one thing we miss to learn? There could be many things that my be missing in life. here are few important things we miss to learn.

Humans are social by nature, and therefore they like to meet people and develop good relations with them.


Since the childhood, we learn to be kind to others. Both the guardians and teachers focus on developing such values in the kids so that they learn to be helpful and friendly to everyone.


This education is correct but is incomplete because such training only teaches the children to be the good citizens but not confident citizens.


To become a confident person, one needs to learn what self-love and self-worth are. Unfortunately, our education system lacks to include the essential aspect of learning which is to understand the importance of self. This lack of education is the primary cause of the increasing number of children with depression and anxiety related problems.


Everyone is busy gathering information and knowledge about various things but does not have time to understand his self. There is no time and focus on introspection and self-realisation. Hence I would like to share this thought with everyone to give a little time to understand you. Have love and regards for yourself as you have for others.


Yoga and meditation are the tools to learn Self-awareness and self-realisation. Therefore, people should invest some time in practising Yoga and meditation under the guidance of a professional teacher.



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