Chapter 07 – How Well Do You Train Your Children to Build a Caring Family Connection

The most important aspect of a happy family is “family ties”. “Family bonding is the ability between family members to communicate, support and deepen ties.

Each member of the family needs to be understood, loved, wanted and given attention in order to create a caring and persistent emotional bond.

We are living in a time where everyone is trapped in the web of modern technologies. Amidst our hectic lifestyle, sometimes we are not able to connect successfully with our kids.
Many problems develop as a result of this such as depression, loneliness, feeling obsolete etc.
Parents should begin to establish the foundation of a “well-connected family.”


1. When your child is hurt, sad or angry
2. When you need the assistance of people to carry out day to day life’s activities
3. To encourage an introvert child to express his feelings
4. To express your affection to children
5. You deal with everyday stresses, life challenges and problems as,
6. To know your child better
7. You believe in Unconditional Acceptance and you show this by
8. How do you respond when your kids come up with a new idea related to anything which you do not agree


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