4 Ways To Tell The Difference Between Sadness And Depression.

Everyone’s life is a story full of happy and sad events. It is evident that everyone enjoys happy moments. However, People behave differently in sad circumstances due to the difference in their perspective towards the life.

Adverse events like loss of a person, property, job or any relation, natural calamities, accidents etc. are the causes of sadness. It is normal to develop feelings of sadness or grief and withdrawal from activities in response to such situations. But being sad is not the same as being in the depression. Hence, One must know the comparison of sadness vs depression.

There are a few differences in both the situations –

Sadness vs Depression-Difference 1

Sadness does not result in negative thinking whereas depression is the outcome of negative thinking.

Suppose a student fails in a competitive examination. It is normal to feel sad for some time. However, if he thinks that he will never pass and considers himself a failure, then indeed he is depressed.


Sadness vs Depression-Difference 2

Sadness is not permanent; it lasts after some time.

However, the person in depression does not get better of his own. He/she needs treatment to feel better, and if left untreated for a long duration, the situation gets worse.


Sadness vs Depression-Difference 3

In sadness, painful feelings come often mixed with positive memories whereas it does not occur in the depression.

The people who suffer from depression feel low and sad for over two weeks after the event.


Sadness vs Depression-Difference 4

In sadness, self-esteem is usually maintained, however, in depression; feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing are common.


Despite some similarities between sadness and depression, they are distinct. Knowing the differences between the both can enable a depressed person to get the support and treatment he/she needs.