Protecting children from bullying at school is crucial. Sometimes you are not aware of the problems our children face in school. Some children shy away from sharing such things with their parents. As a parent, you need to know how to handle your kids when bullying happens to your kids.

A few days back I saw Rohit’s name among the top hundred youngest CEO in the country. Though I was happy and proud of his achievement, this was unbelievable for me. The boy, who was so skinny, shy, stammered while speaking in his teens, how he could be so successful in his career.

About 25 years ago, Rohit’s family lived in my neighbourhood; they were simple and modest people. As Rohit was growing, his performance in the class was getting worse. He used to remain sad and did not talk to anyone. He stayed in his room all day long and had no interest in any activity.

For Rohit, his parents were quite worried. So they met his teachers, classmates and school counsellor. They discovered that a few children in school had been teasing Rohit about his looks, his oversized thick eyeglass frame and also for stammering while communicating. Rohit used to get hurt by them when he got irritated.

The parents got shocked after knowing that their child had been facing abuse for such a long time. Like everyone Rohit’s parents also brought him up with love and care, so It was harrowing for them to go through such an experience. However, they did not give up. And with the help of school teachers, counsellors and doctors they paid more attention to Rohit.

A few days later, people started noticing some positive changes in Rohit. After a few days, Rohit’s father got transfer orders, and all of them shifted to another city and he went all along. Since then, I was not in touch with them, and I did not know that Rohit was in the same city.

It was apparent by his achievements that his parents would have dealt with Rohit’s problems appropriately; otherwise, the future of that child could have been dark.


What is bullying?

Rohit was a case of bullying at school. In schools, some children threaten, tease or hurt other weaker children in their class or other classmates. They enjoy acting like this and don’t care how the weak student feels. These days we call this practice Bullying.

Therefore to make your children aware and safe from getting bullied in school parents should be well aware of this bullying.

Bullying can happen in two ways.


Who is most likely to be a victim of bullying at school?

The children with whom this happens are mostly either too fat or very thin.

There can be some awkward things in them like their eyeglasses, their clothes or hairstyles that keep separate them from the other children.

He or she might be a newcomer in the school or physically weak.

They are already victims of depression or low self-esteem in some way.

Such children are not popular and do not have many friends.

Why is it necessary to stop bullying at school?

It is crucial to stop the bullying because the children with whom this happens have adverse effects on them.

  1. In the first place, they become mentally disturbed, and many times they go into depression. They remain unhappy and feel lonely.
  2. Secondly, neither do they want to go to school nor do they want to study.
  3. In addition, their sleep and food patterns also change.
  4. Moreover, their grades also fall in their studies, and they do not feel like participating in school activities. Sometimes children who are bullied do not share their feelings with anyone because they feel helpless.
  5. As a matter of fact, the children do not tell their parents about bullying because they assume the parents will not be able to help them with this. And it is often true. It is seen that people, in general, do not understand the seriousness of bullying. Sometimes parents are entirely unaware of bullying.
  6. Also, many times Children want to handle the situation by themselves. They are afraid that they will be considered weak. They are also afraid of saying to someone as they feel the complaint might increase their troubles.
  7. Not to mention, Bullying creates a shameful experience for children. They want to hide their experience because of shame. As they feel lonely and believe that no one cares for them. The fear to lose their friends because of bullying is always prevailing within them.


When should the parents take immediate action to protecting children from bullying at school?

What can parents do to protecting children from bullying at school?



How should parents try protecting children from bullying at school?




Parents should be aware of this behaviour among children. They must take immediate action if their children are involved in bullying. The children who bully or the children who are bullied, both need counselling. We can prevent Children from bullying at school and in society by following the steps mentioned in this article.


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