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1. You get your full medical check-up done - yearly, half-yearly, or as and when required.
2. You sleep well with the required hours of sleep.
3. You exercise according to your age. You include yoga, meditation and pranayama in your daily schedule.
4. You have few hobbies as a stressbuster.
5. You sunbathe for a while every day because you know that maintaining good health is important to you.
6. You take a healthy and balanced diet, drink enough water and avoid junk food. You eat everything that your body needs from you.
7. You believe that eating delicious junk food is essential to be happy. You don't care if it harms your inner body.
8. Just as you have knowledge of every subject, you also know your body chemistry (all the processes within the human body from cell formation to your heartbeat) what is good for good health and what is Not.


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