Listening skills


1. When you are conversing with someone, you listen to what is being said but do not try to understand the meaning of their unsaid words.
2. When someone else is talking, you sometimes interrupt and try to complete their sentences.
3. When the other person has finished talking to you, you don't initiate action right away. You first make sure that you have received their message accurately,
4. When the other person is speaking to you, unrelated thoughts run through your mind and you are not able to focus on the messages that are being communicated.
5. You maintain eye contact with the speaker to show that you are listening and understanding what is being said. You avoid unnecessary interruptions and focus only on what is being said.
6. When the speaker has weird habits and mannerism you get distracted, you can't listen patiently without getting irritated
7. If the speaker says something with which you disagree - you immediately formulate an argument to oppose what is said and express your views without waiting.


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