Welcome Zindagi Chapter 10: Annoying Boss

Annoying Boss
Annoying boss


Welcome Zindagi Chapter 10: Annoying Boss

Sharma was scared to remember yesterday’s incident.

He felt that if he did not work, the noise would go up, and today, Sahab would have to suspend him.

“Well, I’m going to stay for you till one hour, your work will be finished,’ Sharma was sad but people breathed in.

Thank you very much, excellent favour Sahab,  I couldn’t come back tomorrow.” The older woman was grateful and said.

The other people also thanked.

Okay then wait here, I will be back in five minutes and Sharma went to Chhotu Chai wala with Guptaji.

‘There is big trouble because of this Bade Sahab, don’t know when he will go, ‘Gupta spoke with anger.

“How many days before he joined here? I don’t think he will go shortly. It has been heard that he is very strict, he does not go home before eight nine o’clock, “Gupta ji said while taking tea sip.

Their anger and despair were apparent on the faces of both friends.

‘He does not seem to have a family? We are a family man who gets home on time.

I can not stay in the office all day. We must spare some time for our family too.’ Sharma ji said teasingly.

‘Hey! Chotu, why have you accumulated so much garbage near your shop? It stinks so much,” Gupta Ji said while sipping the tea’.

“Yes, I am also feeling nausea, why not clean up? This has spoiled the fun of tea, “Sharma ji said while dwindling his mouth.

“Sir, this is not the garbage of my shop, the street sweeper’s strike is going on. This foul smell is due to street garbage. It is now the first day, see what happens to the city in the days to come. Chotu informed while collecting the empty cups.

“Now what happened to these sweepers, they take the complete salary but won’t work. Let’s go Gupta ji; it is difficult to stay here.

Anyway, today I will have to finish the work of people waiting for me in the office. “Sharma ji said unhappily as his boss was an annoying boss.


Wait for the next turn in the story. See what happens to Sharma ji, suman and who enters in the story from now!!!!


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