Welcome Zindagi Chapter 11: Childhood Memories

childhood memories
childhood memories


Welcome Zindagi Chapter 11: Childhood Memories

Well, somehow, when he reached at home that day, it was eight o’clock.

On that day he remembered the incident of Delhi.

Last year, he and Suman went to Delhi to join the wedding ceremony of the son of his neighbour Pandey Ji.

Suman’s cousin, Divya and her husband Nirmal, also live in Delhi. Both Divya and Nirmal are working and their offices are about 30 to 40 km far from their residence.

The couple leaves home at eight in the morning and does not reach home before nine o’clock in the evening. Often ten o’clock. Her sister has to go out of town also, as she is in the market.

He thought how they do so much work.

It is separate consideration that their living standard and life pattern is altogether different from Sharma’s life. In respect to the repeated invitation of Divya, Mrs and Mr Sharma went to her house.

Sharma ji and Suman were spellbound to see her home. They live in an apartment nearby Delhi.

The landscape was impressive; Sharma ji had never seen before such an excellent residential society. Society was prominent in the area including market, bank, school, club and many other facilities inside the campus.

Divya had furnished her flat decently with precious decorative articles. Sharmaji and Suman had come to such a grand luxurious apartment for the first time.

Sharmaji became so uncomfortable due to jealousy that he did not say a word of appreciation.

They were to stay there for two to three hours but could not sit for more than an hour. It was challenging to start a normal chatting and therefore did not understand what to talk.

The entire conversation was confined to the childhood memories of Suman and Divya.

Divya was brilliant in studies and Suman liked everything except studies. Somehow Suman graduated and then got married, but Divya continued her studies and completed an MBA from IIM Bangalore.

During MBA she met Nirmal and after some time both of them get married. Nirmal was an engineer from IIT and did MBA from IIM.

Both were working in decent positions. They stayed abroad for many years and are now residing in Delhi from last five years.

After staying there for an hour, Sharmaji and Suman proceeded to return.

“Hey Suman, we have met after a long time and you are showing up so soon. Sit for a while. It is enjoyable to share childhood memories.” Divya said.

Suman could not refuse Divya’s loving gesture and after getting consent by Sharma ji, she said,

“Well, let’s stay a little more, we are also delighted to meet you people, Divya, you have decorated your house elegantly.’

It’s not me, Nirmal has decorated the house. As you already know, I am sluggish in keeping my belongings properly. Do you remember memories of our childhood days?

I was scolded so much and every one suggested me to learn something from Suman. You were brilliant at home affairs from the beginning. I am sure you would be keeping your home tidy and beautiful. Divya said while facing sharma ji with a smile.

Sharma ji smiled,

“You are right; Suman is very competent in household affairs and manages the house efficiently.”

Sharma ji did not do any work at home, Suman does all the work herself and keeps her home well organized and well decorated. Anyone who visits home can not live without praising Suman’s skill.

On that day, Sharma ji was feeling jealous of Suman too. It was not apparent, why, Sharma was getting envious that day. He was not feeling comfortable at that place. Although Nirmal was talking to him with love and respect, Sharma did not like it.

On arriving from Nirmal and Divya’s house, he did not get proper sleep during the night.

The stomach also seemed to be upset, probably due to acidity.  From the last three days at the wedding ceremony, they were eating a rich diet.

The bride was from Delhi, so the boy’s side reached Delhi with Barat to two days before. Sharma ji did not like the process of going boy’s party to a different city and getting the marriage done over there.

Sharma ji believed that it was not fair for boy’s side to move to a different city with all frills and bags. How tedious this is, people don’t understand.

Sharma Ji did not like spending money to attend this marriage. He can attend the marriage ceremony without spending any money in his city. He was getting annoyed with the boy’s side, if he did not come here, would not even go to the house of Divya and Nirmal.

Sharma ji was feeling thirsty, he woke up to take water in the dark, taking care that Suman would not wake up, but the glass of water was left and fell at the floor.

The noise made Suman out of sleep; she asked,” What is the matter?”

Rudely replied sharmaji “How you are concerned, you better keep sleeping.”

Suman was trying to read Sharma’s face in the dark. It seemed that Sharma ji is quite paranoid about something.

Suman insisted on finding out the reasons for this unreasonable answer but had little understanding. She was with him all day. Nothing has happened, even there was no fight or argument with anyone, then what has happened to him?

Suman left the quilt and stood up. It was difficult for her to sleep anymore without asking the reason from Sharma ji.

“What happened? Having some trouble?” asked Suman fondly. “No, Just feeling insomniac, I feel difficult to sleep elsewhere and the mattress is also very soft,” said sharmaji

It was just yesterday Sharma ji was so happy with this room. The bride side had arranged a stay of all the guests at the Five Star Hotel. There were all the facilities, including delicious food and cars for transportation.

Most of such facilities are not there in their own home. By this morning, it seemed quite relaxed and a day earlier Sharma ji spent the whole night snoring loudly.

With the loud snoring, suman was not able to sleep,

She could not enjoy the sound sleep. Yesterday night the same had happened.

“Try hard to sleep; otherwise, you will feel drowsy tomorrow in the function.

“All right, please do not worry about me and sleep comfortably” Sharma replied in a normal tone.

While returning on the bed, Suman asked: “Tell me if there is any trouble.”

Sharmaji thought in his mind “what to tell her that I am jealous of Nirmal and feeling very tiny in myself.

But he said, “There is no problem, you sleep.”

A little while, Suman fell asleep, Sharmaji sat in the chair. He was feeling out of sleep, so started Introspection.

He found that he is never wrong, but the whole world seems crazy.

Take the case of Nirmal; He admitted that his job was excellent and that both husband and wife would have a good salary but why to spend this unnecessary amount on house and cars.

Now, if he loses his job, he will realize that it is not a government job and after retirement, he will not get a pension. All this I am thinking for their benefit; one should always spread his feet as much as a sheet.

I do not have ample wealth but everything I own is my own. My father always taught me how to fix expenses within the income limit.


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