Welcome Zindagi : Chapter 2: Idli sambhar



Welcome Zindagi Chapter 2: Idli sambhar

That is why a few days later, he stopped going for jogging.

Now, walking was confined to the gate at home.

And even in the office, from the entrance to his seat.

But interestingly he did not sip tea on his place in the office.

He goes to the shop of Chhotu Tea Vala at the nukkad outside the office to enjoy tea.

Sharma Ji did not go there to drink tea but also to save himself from office work.

Till he sips the tea outside, a queue of people gets accumulated in the office waiting for Mr Sharma.

Those poor people could not say much to him, only say that,

“Sharmaji, you have a big burden of work, so you have to go to have tea for so many times”.

Some of the people would advice,

“Sharmaji, please have your tea on your seat, you will get tired of going out again and again.”

Sharma Ji was accustomed to it, therefore, kept listening to all these things silently as he knew that there was no point in answering them because he understands what they meant.

But there was more to it yesterday.

A few indecent people came and started commotion for not complying with their work. After that, they complained to the Bade Sahib.

Bade Sahib immediately summoned Sharmaji and scolded him a lot.

He gave an ultimatum to Sharma Ji that such an incident should not happen again. He ordered,

“Now the time has changed, work properly?”

Such a scolding made Sharma Ji a little bit nervous, but he knew that the Bade Sahib was going to retire soon.

This track of attitude was a matter of few more days only in the department.

The moment a new Bade Sahib comes, these rules & laws will become routine.

After coming off from the Bade sahib’s chamber, friends compelled Sharma to tell what had happened inside.

Now, what was there to say, so he lied that the Sahib was asking for a promotion.

The friends, however, began to laugh.

Now if someone is scolded, the expression of his face discloses the entire story.

Everybody had guessed about what had happened.

“They were asking all this to make a joke on me.

Now, whenever they have a terrible time with Boss, I will also ask everyone what happened inside.”

Such friends are not of any use to me.

All of them come to me to share my Tiffin in lunch break but never miss a chance to make a joke of me.

Now onward I will not take food for all of them.

As recalled yesterday’s incident, his mood became a bit worse.

It was worthless to disclose the office episode even at home.

People can tell their problems with their wife, but saying something to Suman means putting your hand in the Honeycomb hive.

He preferred to keep silence in this matter. He came down to the table of food and told Suman,

“Do not keep the food for friends in Tiffin today,” and quietly sat down to breakfast.

Idli sambhar was very delicious.


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