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Chapter 5- The Murder Mystery

The novel she was reading was a murder mystery. Police and detective both were in search of a murderer. Sometimes it seemed that the detective would now capture the killer. But only then situations took a turn, and some other person started looking as a suspect. But only then there was a twist in conditions, and some other persons started looking suspicious.

As the story proceeded, all the characters became a suspect. The story was so exciting that Suman ignored the scolding of family members.

But one day it crossed the limit.  Suman was packing the foodstuffs for Sharma Ji, on that day,  she cooked ‘Paneer Kofta curry’ using all her cooking proficiency. She tasted it also to check its aroma & dainty.  The preparation was delicious.

She casually picked up the novel because now packing of Tiffin was left only. She packed the stuff in Tiffin but placed a packet of napkins instead of chapatis.

In the afternoon, when Sharma saw the napkin in Tiffin, he got angry and decided that now either he would stay at home or the novel. He came home and sold all the books to the trash, and gave a strict command to Suman that such books will never be bought in this house.

Suman had no way except to obey the instruction. But there was regret in her mind that she could not read the end of the story, who was the murderer.

For this, she often got angry over Sharma that at least he should let her read the end.

She thought, if she got the same book in the market, then she would hide from Sharmaji and buy the same. Without knowing the name of the murderer, she was not getting the mental peace.

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