Welcome Zindagi Chapter 6: Tension in Office



Welcome Zindagi Chapter 6: Tension in Office

Sharma Ji was looking very busy in the office on that day.

Not even went to sip the routine tea, called the tea there at his table itself.

His friends invited him to join a tea session outside the office, but he refused and replied

“I have a lot of work, you people go & enjoy.”

The friends were aware of the fact that Sharma Ji was annoyed, but to whom and why; nobody knew the reason.

“What is the matter, Sharmaji, you are looking in a different mood swing”? Tripathi Ji asked while taking Biryani.

Sharma Ji, you do not look nice whenever become silent like this.

If there is any problem, tell me. Is there any tension in office?” Gupta Ji looked at him carefully.

It was like he wanted to understand something by observing the face.

‘Nothing, nothing matters. All is well,’ said Sharma, smiling slowly.

“Is there been a quarrel with Suman Bhabhi? The Biryani is wonderful,” Saxena said with pleasure.

No one was able to understand what Sharma Ji is hiding, but they  were too crazy and not supposed to quit without knowing the reason. Sharma’s silence was not appealing to anyone.

Biryani was very delicious, so they thought to finish it first, and then they would take Sharma to tea and then only ask the reason.

“Sharma Ji, now tell us, what is the matter? If you do not disclose, we will not be able to digest the food.’

‘Are not we guys your friends? To whom you will tell if not we.” Gupta said this with expressing his right.

The moment Gupta Ji said this statement to Sharma Ji, Sharma Ji split like a balloon.

‘Why are you all poking me since morning?

This trouble is all due to you guys.

You all eat my food daily and make fun of me and joke on me at the forefront.”

“Hey Sharmaji, what are you saying?

You offer your Tiffin to us on your own, and we also provide our food to you.

Our Tiffin is also tasty.

Sometimes you also share our Tiffin; we don’t say anything to you.’

Gupta Ji explained with a smile full of guilt.

It was because everyone knew the reality.

Sharma used to bring more food to everyone every day.

The fun of eating food cooked by Suman Bhabhi was different.

“See, Sharma Ji, indeed we all eat more of your Tiffin, but it is not okay to insult us like this.

After all, we all are friends, “Misraji expressed his resentment.

‘Oh, my great friends, very promptly feeling insulted today.

what about yesterday, when you were making fun of me and enjoying in full pace,” Sharma said.

Seeing the expression of a question mark on everyone’s face,

Sharma Ji said immediately –

“Yesterday, when the Bade Sahab had called me, then all of you were making fun of me. Remember that?’

While telling this, Sharma’s face became red with a mix blend of shame and anger.

He was thinking of Tension in Office.



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