Welcome Zindagi Chapter 7: The Reunion



Welcome Zindagi Chapter 7: The Reunion

The friends got the reason for his anger and considering the appropriateness of time; they apologized to Sharmaji.
‘Hey Sharmaji, please don’t feel offended.

We did not mean that, why would we make fun of you. It was like a little humour, nothing else.’ Saxena explained.
“Yes, Sharmaji, we can’t make fun of you.

We had no thought that you would feel so bad.

Otherwise, God swore, we would not say such a thing at all, “Gupta spoke softly.

Honestly, no one was aware that Sharmaji would react like this.

Sharma Ji, please forgive us and spit the anger. We touch the ear, ‘ Saxena Sahib said while rubbing his ears.

Sharma could not stop smiling, seeing him. Seeing this, everybody put a hand on Sharma’s shoulder and embraced him. They all had a reunion.

The persuasion made him relaxed, and anger started curving like mud flowing in the rainwater.

Take the tea, sir; it will become cold.’

After listening to the voice of Chotu, everyone turned towards the tea kept on the table.

Because of the anger of Sharmaji, that special treatment was given to Sharma Ji on that day.

A cigarette was also offered free on behalf of all friends.

The pleasure of smoking a free offered cigarette is altogether different, that too when obtained by close friends.

‘Sharma Ji, please tell Bhabhi Ji that Biryani was delicious,’ Mishraji uttered with a smile.

“So what will you bring tomorrow, Sharma Ji.”

Everyone laughed at the statement of Saxena Saheb.

“So you guys have made me friends because of meals,” said Sharma, and then all of them moved towards their respective seat in a jolly mood.

Sharma Ji, who was feeling uneasy since morning, now feeling peaceful, he came to his workplace while singing on his own. After sitting, he opened the file.

Dushyant Ji was waiting for the completion of his record.

His job was just a bit, but Sharmaji had returned him three times.
Sharma Ji used to annoy people at least two to three times for one task,

but the mood of Sharma was cheerful on that day,  and because of the reunion,  he completed Dushyant’s work in just two minutes.

He called out Dushyant Ji and said, ‘I have completed your work, please take the papers,

the remaining report will be sent to you through e-mail. ‘

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