Welcome Zindagi Chapter 8: Sharma ji gave a lesson



Chapter-8  Sharma ji gave a lesson

So, when I have to come now?’

Dushyant was looking in a dilemma.

His experience with Sharma Ji was not good.

He was aware of the working process of Sharma and prepared himself to visit this office many times to get his work done.

So, when the work went so quickly and easily, he did not believe it.

Your work has been done; you may go now and not needed to come anymore’, Sharma said, explaining him.

‘Hey Sahab, thank you very much,’ Dushyant said by adding up his hand. It seemed to see that he would cry with happiness. Sharma was also amazed to see why Dushyantji has become so emotional.

Seeing the work status of Dushyant’s work, Dinesh Ji, who was sitting at his next number, significantly increased his enthusiasm; he stood up quickly with folded hand and said,

Sharma ji, please complete my work as you have done Dushyant ji’s work.

I have already visited 8 to 10 times to this office and my file is still laying at the same table.

Dinesh ji’s hand was folded but a bit of harshness was there in his voice.

Sharma did not feel good; he used to do work in his way.

If someone begged in front of him, he used to do his work; otherwise, he would have to make at least five-six rounds. 

Sharma ji did not like to do the work of people in one go. 

He feels pleasure when the People standing up in front of him in a queue and keeps on requesting him to work.

Sharma ji gave a lesson to Dinesh but then recalled that the Bade Sahab had given him an ultimatum a day earlier.

“If Dinesh will not reach out to Bade Sahab, Everything will become a mess. Sharma Ji thought, but a lesson for his words is a must and that I will do anyhow. Sharma ji started brainstorming.

“Dinesh Sahab, your papers are complete; still the sanction letter has not been issued.”

“Exactly sahib, but when will the letter be issued? I have visited ten times in the last three months. I have submitted all the papers at the required time.

Sahab, I am in great trouble, all the work is stopped, please hurry it a little, it will be a big favour.” Dinesh said in a begging posture.

Sharma ji loves this posture of a common man.

He thought with pleasure,

“Now came the camel down to the mountain.”


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