Welcome Zindagi Chapter 9: Procrastination



Welcome Zindagi Chapter 9: Procrastination

Let’s see how your work can be done faster. Now you go and see us again in the next month.

Hopefully, something positive may happen till that. Sharma ji told while folding back his file. It was a line of people waiting behind him.

‘What! next month? There are many days now. Today is the 4th, Sir, please make it before that.

There is a big problem.’ Dinesh said this with disappointment.

“Well, in-between you enquire the status on the phone, if it is done then come and take the papers. Now, let me do the work other people, see how many people are standing after you.’ Sharma ji said while showing anger. Dinesh quietly retreated and went away helplessly from there.

After lunch, till 5 pm, Sharma ji worked continuously and had finished the work of more than half of the people. Still, some people were there but it was five pm and after five o’clock, Sharma did not work, the time of the office was also only till five o’clock.

Sharma ji is looking very busy today? Not even tea break, Gupta ji got up from his seat and came there.

Sharma ji kept the files closed and put their pens off and them in the pocket and said to the people in waiting – ‘Come tomorrow, I will do the job primarily in the morning.’

“Hey Sahab, we have been standing for a long time and have also come so far. You just said, ‘Come tomorrow”, do you know from how far we have come?

An elderly person became intolerant and said, “Why are you torturing us.”

Gupta ji pointed Sharma ji to do the work; otherwise, it may be like yesterday. Sharma ji also got a little nervous. So he said,

‘Look, it’s five o’clock, if you do all the work, at least it will be six o’ clock.’

‘That is fine Sir, but everyone’s work will be done as well. If you do not have to work, why did you give so many tokens? “A woman behind the queue quoted.

Even more, people started supporting the woman.


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