Welcome Zindagi Chapter 4: An unpleasant day



An unpleasant day

But as soon as she sat down to watch her favourite TV show, the power went out.

The inverter was installed at the house, but only a single fan and one light could run on it, the TV could not run on the inverter.

‘How many times have I told him to install more power inverter to run the TV?

There is a power cut quite often while watching favourite programs on TV.

But no one listens to her. Even so, the truth is that it is no longer possible to raise more expenses.’

Suman continued murmuring,

‘Nowadays, It is common to run TV on inverter in every house. Only a new powerful battery is required to install.’

Last month, Suman’s sister came from Mumbai.

She was watching a film on TV, and as usual, the power went out in the middle.

The sister did not express anything because of being aware of the situation, but her little daughter cried a lot.

The girl was under the impression that Suman was deliberately not allowing her to watch the program.

How ashamed Suman felt on that day!

Suman was getting irritated due to this power cut but having no solution, started listening to songs by playing Radio.

But she switched it off too.

It was unnecessarily draining the battery because she was not enjoying the song also. She came out of the room after finishing her breakfast.

What was there to see on the road except for faces of strangers and a silly noise of vehicles?

Due to boredom, she came back inside. She was not in the mood to sleep even.

At that time, there was no one in the neighbourhood, with whom she could talk and spend her time.

All the ladies were working. Only some elderly ladies were at home, but Suman disliked their company.

the day was becoming quite unpleasant for her.

Just last week, she had gone to Sarita’s house, her mother-in-law stopped her to sit along for two hours, and she only talked about her illness.

Suman felt that she too was suffering from many problems.

when Sharma Ji asked her, she told him the whole story.

After that, Sharma Ji restricted Suman to go in the neighbourhood.

Now the boredom started converting into irritation. Suman mumbled,

“What is the need of these women to do a job? Their husbands are already earning; these ladies should stay at home.”

She was cursing everyone repeatedly.

There was no electricity since past four hours.

She got busy in phone.

But, no one to talk to her.

Sharma Ji insisted many times to read the newspaper, but she did not enjoy much in the reading paper.

She loves to read detective novels and stories, but Sharma Ji never purchases books.

Once she purchased some novels by herself, but the moment she started reading, an excessive mess created in the house.

What exactly happened that once she got involved deeply in reading the detective novel, and there in the kitchen some times boiled milk spilled all over, Roti would get burnt, salt in the vegetable was either forgotten or used to be thrown twice.

Her father-in-law & mother-in-law both kept on shouting over all the above issues.

And when Sharma Ji came back home in the evening, a list of complaints of the day welcomed him.

Suman did not liked the restrictions & criticisms, but she listened quietly.

she finally thought “what an unpleasant day it is?”


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