Welcome Zindagi Chapter 1: Sharma Ji and his Tiffin



.Welcome Zindagi Chapter 1: Sharma Ji and his Tiffin.

“Suman, where are my socks?

I never get them at the proper place”.

Sharma shouted at his wife out of frustration.

He was agitated and annoyed.

Everything happened unlikely that morning.

“Socks must be lying in your shoes,” Suman replied and rushed towards his place from the kitchen along with a BELAN in her hand.

They are not in the shoes, that’s why I’m looking for them. Sharma Ji shouted with displeasure.

His face was turned flimsy. He was getting late for office and didn’t even have his breakfast.

“Suman remembered yesterday that she kept the socks to wash. Sharma didn’t wash his socks daily.

So whenever socks were musty,

Suman used to take them out from shoes, wash them.

put back the clean socks in the shoes.

There wasn’t any clue why Sharma Ji didn’t like washing his socks.

Whenever the socks were missing from the boots, Mr Sharma jumps out of the amok.

Many a time, he and Suman fight over the matter.

But neither Suman changed nor Sharma JI. Even today Suman forgot to keep the dry socks in his shoes.

“I don’t understand what the secret is behind, keeping only one pair of socks.

There should be at least one more pair of socks” Suman mumbled

‘How often we will argue over this matter.

Many times I said that I don’t like useless expenditure.

What is the need for two pair of socks when only one is sufficient to wear, and legs also remain within the boots?

What everyone has to show is that we have a cupboard full of socks.’ Sharma Ji was fluttering unknowing that Suman had gone from there.

Sharma continued murmuring, “why does Suman not want to understand even after persuaded millions of times.

“Breakfast is ready and placed on the table, come up,” Suman shouted from the kitchen.

‘Coming in five minutes’, Sharma said.

He was picking all the necessary belongings from the drawer and keeping them in the pocket.

Many times Sharma Ji used to forget his glasses and was very troubled all day in office.

Although, there was not much work in the office, or can be said that he does not do much work in the office, but then there was a lot of difficulty in reading the messages on the phone.

After placing the phone, glass, pen, run mall and purse, Sharma opened the locker drawer and grabbed a pan-masala quickly and kept it in the back pocket of the pants.

The poor man could not enjoy the pan-masala at home in the presence of his wife.

Therefore he uses to complement pan-masala in the office only, and in fact, the real fun of chewing pan-masala comes in the office alone how Suman can understand the pleasure of gossip while chewing pan-masala in the company of peers & friends.

After keeping all the stuff, Sharma Ji, took a look at the mirror.

He fixed the corner of the shirt which got out, set the hair and noticed himself carefully.

‘ Weight has increased a little; the belly also came out with fat on the face.

The appearance has converted him forty-five whereas his real age was only thirty-five and if the hair became grey, then it could also be said of fifty-five.

This thought created a little hopelessness.

‘There is a need to lose weight,’ but he forgot everything about seeing the food. What else can he do?

Shreemati Ji was so competent in preparing food.

The people used to lick their fingers.

Even His Tiffin was so demanding in the office,

that he used to carry extra food in Tiffin.

Suman also had no difficulty in cooking more food because, in return, Sharma’s friends used to send some gifts to her..

Whenever they met, appreciated the beautiful appearance of Suman, but more of that, they praise the delicious food items cooked by her. This appreciation gives inspiration to Suman to prepare new specialities.

All of this was of benefit to everyone, but Sharma’s weight started growing now.

Under pressure of his wife, he also went on a walk for a few days, but his weight increased further.

What exactly happened was that his hunger?

Then he started eating four parathas in place of two in breakfast.

If not stopped, he could eat the fifth one also.

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