Parenting Tips# Nurture Optimism in children

Nurture optimism in children
Parenting Tips# Nurture Optimism in children


Parenting Tips# Nurture Optimism in children.

After a long wait of almost nine months when the doctor informs the parents that they have been blessed with a daughter or a son; in the first instance, parents do not believe that they have become a mother or a father. But, in the next moment, they feel highly excited.

Those are the best moments in parents’ lives. Having a child brings a lot of excitement and merriment; however, it also brings many responsibilities. But, to learn parenting skills, there are no training institutions available anywhere across the globe. The source of knowledge about parenting comes from elders, books and other resources.

As the children grow old, they have to face hassles outside world. Hence, they need to be taught various skills to deal with the challenges of life.

The children while facing the hard situations sometimes feel low and negative. It is, therefore, parents’ duty to guide the children to remain positive in all circumstances.


Here are a few parenting tips to nurture optimism in children:

1 Avoid negative self-talk:

Many people with low self-confidence often speak negatively about their selves. They are usually not aware of their habit. Their children also copy this habit and begin to find faults in their behaviour. This habit makes the children pessimists.


2 Be assertive:

An assertive person is the one who remains full of confidence in dealing with people, and he says and does what he thinks is right. He does not follow others blindly, and he dares to say what he wants and feels.

The parents must encourage the children to be assertive in their thinking because everyone needs to matter the most to themselves. Sometimes parents feel bad when their children do not follow their instructions. But, the parents must understand that children cannot act or think like them always. Therefore, the parents must teach their children that they need not worry about disappointing others because they do not require to live according to others’ expectations.

3 Teach them to work on the alternative options:

Sometimes Children get stuck in their problems, and when they do not find any solution of the same, they get disheartened. At that time parents ought to show them how some other alternative options can work well to sort out the problem. This practice helps to strengthen optimism in children.


4 Make them believe that situations change with time:

The children get disheartened when they face problems like bullying,  failures and social exclusion etc. To deal with this, parents should advise the children that situations never remain the same. They keep changing, and everything becomes okay after some time. And so encourage the children not to get disheartened and wait patiently for their good fortune.


5 Develop problem-solving skills:

When the child them to figure out the solution of the same. This training will develop problem-solving skills in children. When the children have the problem-solving will never give up hope in the middle of any task.

Parents must also convey to the children that there is no need to be strong all the time. So when the children are stuck in the problem and do not find the solution despite their best efforts, they must seek help from others without feeling ashamed of their weakness. No one is perfect, and so there is less need to maintain an image of strength in front of others.


6 Explain the importance of  contentment:

Parents should nurture optimism in children by explaining how other people have worked to maintain confidence in their lives. Convince them to enjoy what they have instead of crying for what they do not have. 


7 Exercise regularly, eat and sleep well:

Exercising every day with good night sleep and eating a well-balanced diet is one of the best gifts a parent can give to their children.


8. journal entry:

Journaling is writing down what is on one’s mind. Children can track their day to day thoughts, feelings, ideas, concerns, accomplishments and disappointments by writing their journal. It helps the children to figure out the solution to their problem in a positive way.

9 Gift yourself a treat:

To develop the feeling of self-respect and self-love, children should practice gifting something to themselves sometimes.



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