Role of Parents in building self-esteem in Children

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Role of Parents in building self-esteem in Children

Self-esteem is referred to as self-respect or self-worth.

Self-esteem means that you feel good about yourself.

It indicates how much a person likes and appreciates himself.

In the society we live in, we come across a few people who always look confident, and proud of themselves.

They have a feeling to be liked and accepted by everyone.

Society sees and acknowledges their overall strengths and weaknesses and also believes in their capabilities.

The negative experiences do not change their overall perspective, so they dare to express their needs.

Think well about themselves, and therefore we can say these people have a positive outlook in their overall being.

These people dare to do something new.

Do not give up in their endeavour because they accept their mistakes, and so eventually they get success in their lives.

They can make friends and have healthy and strong relationships.

On the contrary, we find a few people who lack the courage to acknowledge the negative experiences in their lives. Some lack confidence and therefore are unable to express their needs.

They do not feel good about themselves and often focus on their weaknesses which eventually lead them to depression and anxiety.

People are self-critical and hard on themselves and doubt on their potential and skills. Also, think they are not good enough to carry on the essential activities in life.

Therefore, they believe that if they try something new, they will not succeed in their lives.

Such people see their mistakes as bigger than they are. And therefore it is hard for them to get over the things that they do not do well and they give up trying when they fail once. As a result, they may not do as well as they could.

Because of their negative outlook, they do not achieve much in their lives so they feel defeated and depressed and that leads them to make bad choices, fall into destructive relationships and fail to live up to their full potential.

What is that factor which leads to the above two contrarian perspectives among the people?

“The factor is Self-esteem.”

Self-esteem is referred to as self-respect or self-worth.

Self-esteem means that you feel good about yourself.

It indicates how much a person likes and appreciates himself.

Importance of Self-esteem:

1 Self-esteem plays a significant role in building motivation and success throughout life.

2 A person with low self-esteem can make bad choices, fall into destructive relationships, or fail to live up to his full potential. He may sometimes feel defeated or depressed. 

3 Having healthy self-esteem helps a person achieve what he aspires to because of his positive perspective towards life.

4 Having high Self-esteem allows a person to maintain healthy relationships.

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Role of Parents in building self-esteem in Children:

After the babies are born, they are not aware of their existence.

It is only by positive attention, loving care and acceptance; that they gradually feel conscious of their presence.

They feel safe, loved and accepted, and this is the time when self-esteem is introduced in the life of the babies.

Gradually, it starts growing in the children in a loving and caring environment.

The role of parents at this stage is essential.

As the babies become toddlers and then young children, they learn to do some activities of their own.

They start feeling good about themselves when they learn new skills like crawling, sitting, catching hold of things, moving, standing up, running etc.

Whenever they learn new activities, it gives them a chance for their self-esteem to grow.

Factors which help to grow self-esteem are:

When they make friends and get along with them, learn new skills, practice favourite activities, are praised for their excellent behaviour and so on, they develop self-esteem.

If they are encouraged to try on new and hard things, the activities help them to build self-esteem.

Every parent wants their children to have healthy self-esteem but every child is different, and for some, it is challenging to grow self-esteem.

The reason is that some kids face things like physical disabilities, bullying etc. that can lower their self-esteem. However, parents can help children to raise their self-esteem.

There is a list of things parents can do to raise the self-esteem of their children:

Here are a few tips that can help parents to build self-esteem in children.

1 Make the children active-

At every age, there are activities which a child can do, like holding a cup of milk or sketching a line with crayons etc. Such things bring joy and sparkle to children. They feel a sense of mastery and delight.

As the children grow, they learn new things like dressing up, running, reading etc. All these activities help them to improve their self-esteem.

2 Let the children make mistakes-

When the children are learning new things, parents must be there to help them accomplish their actions. Let them make mistakes.

Even if they make mistakes, parents should not discourage them. Whenever they complete a task, feel proud of the children and show your emotions.

3 Praise your children-

Praising a child is a must, but one should do it wisely so that it puts a positive impact on children. It should be done just to be effective.  If a child is willing to complete the work, he /she should be appreciated.

4 Be a role model-

Parents should act as good role models to raise self-esteem in their kids. By showing them through their daily activities like cooking meals, cleaning the house, washing clothes shopping etc. parents can help children to learn activities like cleaning up their toys, making their beds, doing homework etc.

5 No No to harsh criticism-

Harsh criticism must be a big no. Children get a negative belief about themselves.

It harms their self-esteem.

So whenever they make any mistakes, parents must remain calm and try to explain to the kids with patience and understanding.

Do not ever use harsh words.

6 Let the children explore their choices-

Parents must encourage their kids to do the work which the kids like.

Parents must figure out the children’s skills and motivate them to improve on them.

If a child loves painting, dancing etc he/she should be supported.

7 Practice charity-

Helping others and doing charitable activities is a significant tool to grow self-esteem.

Hence, encourage your children to do small acts to help others like donating books after their use or donating their used clothes to some orphanages etc.

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