It is essential to teach cooking during Covid-19 Pandemic

Mother teaching cooking to her son


That is right! You must teach cooking to your children during Covid-19 Pandemic time. Also, give them knowledge about different food items and nutrition

Food is an essential part of our lives. It is one of the reasons we are alive. This makes it so important that each one of us knows how to cook. Because without food we can’t stay alive for long. It is the necessity of our life. Yet it is mostly seen that it is only the woman of the house who knows cooking and not the other family members. This is especially true in India. Though we have men who are big chefs but when it comes to cooking at home, it’s mostly done by women. You have to realize that cooking is a life-saving skill and everybody should know how to cook food for survival and living. As parents, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that your children learn this essential skill. So, you must teach cooking to your children during Corona Pandemic time.

Why should you know cooking during Covid-19 Pandemic

● Cooking makes you self sufficient

A person strives to become independent by educating himself/herself and growing his/her bank balance. But is he/she even independent if he/she has to order food every time he/she is hungry or depends on someone else to cook for them?
Are you even independent if you can’t make something as simple as an omelette or sandwich to satisfy your hunger?
It doesn’t matter if you have a cook at home, knowing cooking makes you independent in the true sense as you can’t live without eating for long and makes you self-sufficient as you don’t have to depend on others for your food especially in times like we are going through now.

● Cooking saves you a lot of money

With Coronavirus dominating the way our lives are going right now, the majority of us have shifted to home-cooked food as it is more hygienic. Also, no one of us wants to take any risk by ordering outside food. But the main thing here is that you must have noticed that your expenses have significantly decreased as you are not ordering food from outside. Cooking at home doesn’t only make you independent but also saves you a lot of money. The best part here is that the food you cook at home is better than your order.

● Cooking keeps you healthy

When you cook food, you get to know more about the nutritional value of various food items. This makes you more knowledgeable and careful about what you eat and what you should eat. Gradually it will help you to be more healthy. Also, home-cooked food is more hygienic and thus saves you from unwanted infections. When you know how to cook, you tend to order less outside junk food.

● Cooking is therapeutic

Cooking is not just any skill but it is an art, An art that takes practice and patience to ace it. But it is in reach of every human and can be mastered by anyone. Like any other art, cooking helps you to relax your mind and can be very therapeutic as it is a creative process. Cooking should not be considered as another household chore, it is much more than that. It is a creative process, an art, and a passion for many.

● Cooking makes you impressive

Our personality is a combination of many factors. One of them is your skills. Like knowing any other skill adds to your personality, so does the cooking. Cooking makes your personality impressive in a manner that you don’t have to be dependent on anyone, you know the most important life-saving skill and adding to that your spouse and children would be happier to have someone who cooks delicious food

Why should you teach cooking to your children during Covid-19 Pandemic time?

● Promotes better lifestyle

The lifestyle we have today is very unhealthy especially that of our children. They sit long hours on a chair working on their computers. Other times they are stuck on their mobile phones. Not just that they prefer ordering food or going out to eat rather than cooking home.

● Prepares your child with a survival skill for future

Also, your child might be travelling and shifting to another city or country in the future for studies or work. This would mean they would either be staying in a PG or in a hostel. We cannot guarantee the quality of food at these places even if we pay more for their services. But what you can do is to teach your child how to cook so he/she doesn’t have to rely on anyone else to cook good and hygienic food for them.

● Increases knowledge of nutrition

As a parent, you should try to cultivate the habit and skill of cooking in your children since childhood only. Not just cooking rather you should also make your child aware of the various nutrients that our body requires and how we get those through healthy home-cooked food.

Nutrients that food provides for proper growth, energy, proper functioning of the body, and increase immunity are important to be known by everyone for healthy living. However, we can generally learn about this by studying nutrients. But when we know how to cook, it becomes easy to track the intake of nutrients present in the food. You know what is best for you to eat and don’t just eat randomly. This would also help to reduce the intake of junk food by your child. This not just ensures that you will have good health even your family will have good health.

There are essential nutrients that your body doesn’t make and you need to get it from food. These are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. Benefits of having knowledge of what you eat, how you eat, and why you eat don’t end here. A healthy body will also help in maintaining good mental health which is even more important for a good life.

● Makes them understand the importance of food

According to FAO estimates in ‘The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, 2019’ report, 194.4 million people are undernourished in India. So many people only get to eat food one time. This makes it very important for you as a parent to inculcate such values in your children that help them to understand the importance of food. One way of doing it is by teaching them to cook. When one cooks he/she starts respecting the efforts that go into cooking food and realizes that one should not waste the food. They become more aware and would only take the food that they can eat on their plate be it at home or outside. They won’t leave any food on the plate as they would know its value.

● Distracts them from using gadgets and thus reducing screen time

Aren’t we all parents so frustrated with the amount of time our children spend on their laptops and mobile phones? Cooking is a skill that can help you to reduce screen time.

● Sharpens memory

Cooking involves recalling all the ingredients that are required to make a dish. It might be that first time, they will read the recipe from somewhere or you tell them but gradually as they make more and more dishes they would have the ingredients and process stored in their minds for different dishes. This would keep their brain working and improve their memory power.

But it doesn’t end here. When we have knowledge of food, we also realize that not many know the agricultural process that goes to produce food. And this makes it important for us to make our children be aware of the same. This would also make your child be interested in kitchen gardening.

To conclude, I just want to highlight that food is an essential part of our lives. Thus, having knowledge about various vegetables, fruits and other eating. items and knowing how to cook them would help in living our lives in a much better way. Above all, you should make it a promise to teach cooking to your children during Corona Pandemic time.

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Anshu Shrivastava

Anshu Shrivastava

Hi, my name is Anshu Shrivastava, founder of I write blogs on various topics of parenting on this website. I aim to provide parenting tips, especially for the parents of teenagers and College Students.

Anshu Shrivastava

Anshu Shrivastava

Hi, my name is Anshu Shrivastava, founder of I write blogs on various topics of parenting on this website. I aim to provide parenting tips, especially for the parents of teenagers and College Students.

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