Like it or not, you need a N95mask, sanitizer and social distancing to be safe from #covid19


Like it or not, you need an N95mask, sanitizer, and social distancing to be safe from covid19. As we need air, water, and food for our survival, in the period of the Pandemic it is essential to use a mask, sanitizer, and social distancing to remain safe.

As per recent Tweets by Dr. Faheem Younus (an award-winning clinician and a certified physician executive), masks are essential during pandemics. He suggested that one should try and use N95 or KN95 masks in response to The Lancet study which asserted that Covid-19 is an airborne pathogen. He suggests that people can use one of the masks on one day and leave the other in a paper bag for the next day.

“Keep alternating every 24 hours. Reuse for weeks if they aren’t damaged,” said Dr. Faheem Younus. He also advised people to try and ditch cloth masks.

Dr. Faheem also said that ‘airborne’ does not mean the air is contaminated. He said that ‘airborne’ means the virus “may remain suspended in the air — typically in indoor settings —and pose a risk”.…/which-mask-best-covid…

When asked, Dr Faheem replied on twitter,

Q) Is Covid19 #Vaccination essential?

A) Not a SINGLE one of my hospitalized/ventilated COVID19 patients were fully #vaccinated This is science; not a coincidence If you refuse a vaccine today, you may end up in an ICU tomorrow

Q) When to go to Hospital?

A) If pulse ox drops below 92% Or High fevers, blue lips, chest pain, limb weakness Risk is highest if you’re: age >65, diabetic, HTN, obese AND sick.

Q) Explain the requirement of COVID Tests.

1) Patient highly infectious 2-days prior to symptom onset to day 5. Antigen test best in this window.

2) PCR test remains positive from -3 days to 10-14 days and is more sensitive.

3) Antibody tests are largely useless as there are too many caveats.

Steps to wear and remove a mask…

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