Parenting tips: Activities to do with children during #quarantine.


Parenting tips: Activities to do with children during #quarantine.

Parents who are working from home have got an excellent opportunity to spend time with their children.

It can not only be watching TV together but so many other activities in which you can involve them during this #quarantine.

Did you ever think we would #selfquarantine and #workfromhome on regular days?

But with the change comes responsibility. And right now our responsibility is to adapt to these new ways of work and life.

And the one who adapts it faster would be the one who would emerge as a winner.


Parenting tips: Activities to do with children during #quarantine.

Though #coronavirus fear is real and led us all to quarantine but at the same time, it has given us time to spend with our family.

Spending time with family is mainly for working parents who usually get less time with their kids. Let’s make the best use of it.

Now since most of us working from home and our kids are around, make sure of one thing – Don’t bribe them with a gadget to make them sit quietly.

It will only affect their eyes and thinking power. Instead encourage them to play some board games, draw and paint, sketch, etc.

Your work is essential but your ward is above everything.

So you must learn Activities to do with children during #quarantine.

Here are a few activities you can do with your wards to keep them busy and develop new habits and values: 


Cooking is an essential skill but most of us don’t teach our children to do it for two reasons. One, we do not understand the advantages of cooking ourselves. And so we get it done by a cook. Second, we do not consider this activity to be cool. However, that is not correct to think so. It is a life-saving skill and especially in the current conditions. People who have this skill are in the safe zone. Also, cooking together would help in bringing you more close to your child and you guys would spend some fun time as well.


Parenting tips #cooking
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2. Board games:

It would be fantastic if the whole family sit together and play games like chess, monopoly, business, etc. These games are not only fun but also help in developing your child’s thinking skills. We will also be able to play our forgotten gems during this time as in regular days gadgets have taken over our lives.


3. Read new books:

This is again an activity which has lost its essence with the introduction of the internet and gadgets can be reintroduced to your ward. So order some new books and read one book yourself, get one for your kid of his/her choice and then have a discussion over it. It would be an intellectual activity and possibly encourage your child to read daily and eventually they would start enjoying it.

4.Practice meditation together:

Isn’t it the best time to do it? With so much stress around, it is essential to keep calm and composed. Practice meditation and if possible yoga as well to have some home workouts.


Parenting Tips activities to do during #quarantine

5. Pick a Hobby:

It can be painting, sketching, gardening or playing or listening to music, etc.

6. Decluttering or uncluttering:

This is another activity that could be done with your kids at home. With this, they will understand the importance to declutter and clean up.

7. Parents of teenagers can discuss possible career options. Their children can opt for or can welcome any new idea they have in their minds related to their careers.


Look at the present as an opportunity and change the mindset for yourself and your children. The world is seeing a change in the

  • way we think
  • way we work
  • we study
  • our lifestyle

You can discuss the changes you have observed with your children and you can ask them to express their views on this.


However, before sharing it with your children, please share this article with your friends and family.

And do let me know the other ways you’ve adapted to engage your kids at home.

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