Will the third wave of coronavirus (Covid-19) in India affect children?

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There is a possibility of a third wave of coronavirus (Covid-19) coming in India in which children will also be affected. Children were affected by Covid-19 in the first and second wave in India. However, they were at lower risk of Covid-19 pandemic than adults.

 This is a matter of great concern to everyone including the government, doctors and especially the parents. They are taking the necessary steps for preventive measures. In such times, children should also come forward to protect themselves from the third wave of coronavirus (Covid-19). They should be ready to take care of themselves and help their parents and caregivers in this matter. However, experts have different opinions on when the third wave of Coronavirus (Covid-19) will come in India.

What should Children know about the third wave of coronavirus (Covid-19) in India

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the children’s well-being

Last year, children were less affected and were in a much less vulnerable position than this year. It has been observed that many children have become ill in the second wave of COVID-19 infection. Children have been reported to be mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic and super spreaders.

Symptoms included rash, gastrointestinal symptoms, weakness, persistent fever, increased respiratory distress and dry cough. It was observed that children spread the virus rapidly, but extreme caution needs to be taken as no one is sure about its impact on them.

As such, it is advised to consult a doctor and get a COVID test done if a child shows any symptoms.

Follow the safety guidelines of wearing a mask, sanitizing, and maintaining social distancing.

Doctors make certain recommendations that can be followed to reduce the risk. 

Why should everyone wear a mask during the third wave of coronavirus (Covid-19) in India? 

Masks are an important measure to suppress transmission and save lives.

To prevent the further spread of the disease, everyone is advised to use masks extensively. Masks can be used either to protect healthy individuals or to prevent further transmission.

All must wear a mask properly in public places, not under the nose.

Widespread use of masks is recommended for all to prevent this disease to spread further. Masks can be used either to protect healthy individuals or to prevent further transmission.

How should children wear a mask during COVID19? 

  • Children must clean their hands with soap and water or with sanitizer before putting on a mask.
  • The same to be done while taking it off, and at any time after touching it.
  • Try to avoid touching the mask as much as possible and if by mistake they touch it; they must immediately wash or sanitize their hands.
  • Make sure it covers their nose, mouth, and chin.
  • When they take off a mask, store it in a clean plastic bag, and either wash it every day if it is a fabric mask or throw the medical mask in the trash.
  • If they are using an N95 mask, they must store it in a carton or drawer. But it should be remembered that the place where they keep their masks should be separate. It should not come in contact with other things of day-to-day use.
  • Children must not use a mask with a valve.

How should they protect themselves from getting an infection in the third wave of coronavirus (Covid-19)? 

Child protection during the covid-19 pandemic is essential. The impact of Covid-19 on children can be huge. So, Everyone must –

  • Maintain social distancing.
  • avoid crowds.
  • Avoid contact with visitors unless necessary.
  • Avoid closed contact settings,
  • good ventilation indoors,
  • No outdoor playtime for visiting kids or friends. Children must o play indoor games and organize virtual meets with friends.
  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and face.
  • Wash and sanitize hands frequently.
  • Cover face and mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  • Stay at home if you are not feeling well to avoid the spread of germs/infections.
  • For home hygiene, disinfect the high-touch surface area to reduce any contamination.
  • Frequently clean door latches, tables, chairs, railings.
  • Take off the shoes when entering the home from outside.
  • Use a dustbin with a lid.
  • Clean and wash food items before storing and eating them.

What should they expect from their elders to do during the coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic?

Children should understand that they have to follow the rules. Also, they have to ensure that their family members and caregivers follow all the rules. Because the spread of corona can be stopped only when everyone follows them.

So, they should request every member of the family to be disciplined all the time. Children should not hesitate to point out all those who they feel are not following the rules.

Children should make sure that the parents are wearing the mask properly and not under their noses.

If parents are visiting places that can be avoided, the children should intervene. They should encourage their parents to stay at home and order household items online as they were doing during the lockdown.

Ask elders to take care of their health by taking a walk at home and exercising.

Everyone is going through a stressful period. It is natural to feel low at times. Therefore, children should ask their parents and elders to stay in touch with their friends and relatives. Also, spend time in some recreational activities at home.

Meditation is also a healthy way to relax.

Children should contribute to household chores so that elders can get some time to rest. 

How can they help their peers and others to become aware?

Some questions are arising in everyone’s mind. But they don’t have the right answer. Corona is a new disease about which no one has the right answer. 

When will the third wave of Coronavirus (covid-19) hit in India?

How many waves of covid are expected in India?

Will there be a third wave of covid-19 in India?

Everyone including children needs to follow the guidelines always for the safety of themselves and others. They should also make people aware to follow safety precautions.

Children are creative by nature. They may think differently than an adult would see things. They can use Social Media as a Tool.

We saw during the second wave that many professionals took a break from their original work and started helping people on a war footing. They did this in many creative and innovative ways. It was unsafe to go out and help people physically. But They did virtually everything possible.

Social media was a useful tool to help those who were unable to obtain oxygen cylinders. Because people used social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get information about the availability of oxygen cylinders as SOS.

On one hand, people requested help for not getting oxygen cylinders. On the other hand, people responded with necessary information regarding availability.

And it wasn’t just limited to oxygen cylinders. People were also exchanging information about beds and medicines.

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They collected the list of hospitals and doctors from the internet. They then communicated the needs of patients through social media platforms. They also provided information of medicines and other useful things required by the people at that time. Many people started proving free food to the people who could not manage food at tat crucial times.

Financial help and a variety of need-based advice started pouring in. Many fund-raising organizations helped many people. We all have been hearing a lot about the film actor Sonu Sood. He has been doing a very good job ever since Corona came to the country. We have heard of many people who have helped in many different capacities.

It is a misconception that only a few people can help people. We can all help people in some way or the other, regardless of age or condition. Creating awareness among people is also a form of helping. Doing something for a social purpose is not bound to be done only by certain organizations or by adults only. Children can do a lot better than adults.

They can do webinars to create awareness. They can write articles. They can start a YouTube channel to create awareness. Podcasting is also a fun and very effective way to reach people. Children can join various forums and raise their voices to create awareness. They do not need to go anywhere for all such things. With all the security measures in place, they can start doing something by connecting with their friends. They can use animation, real drama, films etc to make it interesting and effective.

There are many cartoon movies that have created awareness about healthy eating and good habits. like Popeye the Sailorman

Even the WHO has used Peppa Pig and Akili to create awareness among children to follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

Why should one wait for others to start something? Why can’t everyone start on their own?

Please share your suggestions for other ways to create awareness of Covid-19 guidelines in public.

Also, share the blog with your friends on social media.

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Anshu Shrivastava

Anshu Shrivastava

Hi, my name is Anshu Shrivastava, founder of parentingbyanshu.com. I write blogs on various topics of parenting on this website. I aim to provide parenting tips, especially for the parents of teenagers and College Students.

Anshu Shrivastava

Anshu Shrivastava

Hi, my name is Anshu Shrivastava, founder of parentingbyanshu.com. I write blogs on various topics of parenting on this website. I aim to provide parenting tips, especially for the parents of teenagers and College Students.

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