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Tips and courses for Parents of Teens and College Students

Children build the future of family and the Nation. The growth of a family as well as a country depends on the hard work and honesty of its citizens.

Positive parenting plays a vital role in the development of children as sincere citizens.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of all parents to inculcate honesty, humility and hard work in their children.

My mission is to help parents in the efficient parenting of children, especially teenagers.

I believe that parenting is a never-ending learning process. The more these skills we have, the better we can develop our children.


About Me- 

Hi, my name is Anshu Shrivastava, founder of parentingbyanshu.com. I write blogs on various topics of parenting on this website. I aim to provide parenting tips, especially for the parents of teenagers and College Students.

I am from Delhi, India. I also write books that are available on Amazon.

This website provides lessons on how parents and teachers should raise children.

Why did I create this website?

Today is the age of technology and competition. As a result, today’s young generation has to deal with various issues and problems in daily life. That’s why parents need to help their teens deal with the issues of everyday life.

However, parents do not understand their children’s problems due to the generation gap and many other reasons. This creates a rift between them and the children. This condition is harmful to both the children and the parents.

To help people understand their teens and young adults, I’ve shared my experience as a mom. Blogs and courses will help you know your teen better. Plus, you’ll also find parenting tips to tackle any particular problem.

Who will find this website beneficial?

Parents of teenagers and young adults will find this website useful as there are many difficulties faced with raising a teenager. The blogs and courses provided on this website will help parents to understand adolescent development, stay connected with their adolescents and find ways to overcome their problems.


Blogs topics

This website shares information on the topics of positive Parenting, especially for teenagers and college-going, young adults. It has different sections including-

1 Teenagers

In this section, parents will find topics related to teen parenting issues.

2 College Students

College students and young adults undergo several changes in their life. They have to deal with many new issues for which sometimes they are not ready. Even, parents find it difficult to handle such situations. You will have different topics and tips to guide your children in facing college-life issues. 

3 Parents

In this section, parents will have information that is essential for their well-being and for improving their life skills in various fields.

  1. Things to know

Various important topics of interest are covered in this section. These include contemporary as well as historical subjects.

  1. Stories

I have included stories and novels here. Some of my stories showed an immense response from the readers.


More About Me

Apart from being a writer and a blogger, I am a proud mother of two sons with good moral values.

However, I sometimes feel that I have missed some important aspects of parenting guidance and made some mistakes while raising my children. Therefore, I wish that none of the parents make mistakes while raising their children. And they should raise their children as sincere, healthy and noble human beings.

I am a science postgraduate and have also done a teacher’s training course. Furthermore, I also ran a preparatory school that gave me experience in dealing with children.

The basis of the information on this site is a self-study of related subjects. Also, my personal experience from day-to-day life has added to my knowledge.

This is to remember that the content on this website should not be used as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

So don’t wait and do explore the informative blogs shared here. And be prepared to change your parenting style to make your children emotionally and mentally healthy.

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