Stories are a great way to teach skills and moral values to children. Children learn less from direct lessons, engage more with stories. Read fictional and real stories in this section.
Children flying kites near river

Makarsankrant in Nandu’s Village  

Like every year, Nandu’s family was also preparing to bathe in the Ganges on Makar Sankranti. All Nandu’s elder brothers had gone to the city to study, so only Nandu was doing all the preparations along with his mother. Nandu’s two sisters were younger, so Nandu had to bear all the responsibilities of the house.

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Happy King

The Secret of Happiness

With this story  you will get know the “Secret of Happiness” Once a king who lost his battle, his throne, his power and position and

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Bunny's Smart Grand Mom

Bunny’s Smart Grandmom

Bunny’s Smart GrandMom.  Today it was a happy day; something excellent was going to happen. Bunny Rabbit’s grandmother was visiting him after one year and

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