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About this course​

Parenting is a beautiful as well as a challenging journey. We all do our best to be perfect parents. However, during this journey, sometimes we do not understand how to face certain situations. And we do not get the expected result of our efforts and we fail to understand where we went wrong.

Why should you attempt this short Course?

Good parenting directly affects the growth and development of children. Therefore, it is also essential to understand parenting well before becoming a parent. However, it is never too late to understand at any stage of life.

This is a short quiz course, divided into 8 chapters. You are supposed to attempt all the multiple choice questions in each chapter. And then submit to get the result with an explanation of the correct answer. After attempting all the questions you will have a fair idea how good you are at parenting.

Course Duration

It is expected that Parents will not take more than 30 to 60 minutes time to complete the quiz.

What will you learn?

This short Course gives you a brief idea of how parenting skills can make your parenting experience a joyous one. This course has to offer parents to know the next generation and their perspective.

Course Content

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