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How to Reduce Screen Time in Children

We as parents always want to do our best for our children. However, sometimes unknowingly we develop certain habits in children, which are harmful to them in the long run. Screening for a long time is one of those bad habits in children.

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7 ways to deal with rejection

Sometimes small incidents like someone not liking your picture on social media, not replying to a message, or not holding a seat for you after arriving at an event can also turn you off. Similarly, you feel rejected when you went well dressed to a function but no one took notice of you there or you cooked delicious food for the family but they did not like it. Many such incidents keep happening in our daily routine. And such things have a profound effect on our lives.

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Depression in adolescents and teenagers

Depression in adolescents and teenagers

Teens face increasing demands from friends and family. Families’ demands are related to career, studies and performances. And friends influence them to involve in sex and alcohol.  It can be a confusing time.

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