College Going

Your job as a parent continues when your teen becomes an adult. Learn more about parenting challenges like rat race in education and career, Life skills, eating out, emotional wellbeing, relationships you may face after your teen goes to college.
women with educational degree

Parenting Tips for raising daughters

If we study the global history of femininity, we will come to know some astonishing facts about how a society mistreated women for centuries. And it continues in the same way in some parts of the world.

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How to organise your life?

  My present life has become highly dis-organised, what should I do to fix it? How to organise your life? Your present life is dis-organised;

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a girl with broken heart

Signs and Symptoms of depression

There is no one pattern of symptoms of depression that exist. They can be as common as crying and overwhelming despair to so much subtle that the person may not notice by himself, but their friends and loved ones may notice.

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woman finding her calling

Find your true calling

1. The work which is done effortlessly is your calling. If you are doing a task being so interested in that work that you do not feel the pain of the efforts you are putting in.

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