Life after retirement #2


It was time for the play to start, so both of us ended our discussion and moved to the auditorium to watch the play.

Life after retirement #2.

I was curious to know why Jessie had planned the meeting at Prithvi theatre. It is almost twenty kilometres away from my place so, I preferred going there by taxi.

I left at two to reach there well before time. Prithvi Theatre is one of the places I am fond of visiting again and again. I like to spend time in the cafeteria, outside the theatre. Sometimes, a few celebrities can also be seen roaming around there. It feels really amazing to share the place with celebrities and to have a cup of coffee.

I reached there at half-past two. The place was more crowded than usual. Many of them were foreigners, probably, English. A few of them were carrying musical instruments.

‘Is there a musical show going on?’  I thought and went straight to check which show was scheduled next. It was an English play by Timir Prakash.

“The group might be on a trip to India,” I thought.

Luckily, I got a table towards the extreme left corner under the shade of a tree where I made myself comfortable. After some time, I caught a glimpse of Jessie who was rushing to the theatre.

I was sure it was Jessie, but what she was doing inside. I had to wait until three to solve the mystery.

In a couple of minutes, most of the English went inside the theatre and only a few were left behind in the coffee shop. Maybe these were mere spectators.

Jessie came to me at quarter past three.

“Oh! I am so sorry Anshu. I kept you waiting for so long. Actually, I was assisting Tim with some last-minute preparations. I was coordinating with the English group so that they be on time. Now, since all of them have arrived, I am here at your disposal.” Jessie said in a hurry.

“No problem Jessie! I am fine. Come and join me.” I replied. Jessie was looking marvellous in her off-white dress.

“What is Tim doing here in the theatre? “I asked with curiosity.

Prithvi Theatre

“Oh!, I forgot to tell you that Tim is the director of this play. When we were in London, he was attached to this Play just as a hobby. It is popular by the name ‘Windsor’ in London. Tim had a very small role to play there. After coming to India, I insisted to explore theatre. Today, his dream of directing a play is going to be true.”

“Really, I saw the name on the board, but did not know that Tim was Timir Prakash,” I said with surprise.

“Yes because I always call him Tim,” Jessie said with a smile. “Please ask your questions now as the Play will start exactly at four. We just have half an hour left to talk.”

“Alright Jessie, the topic of my article is how to motivate people to take up new ventures after their retirement. What I observe in most people is that they like to appreciate the great deeds of others, but when asked to do something, they are reluctant. They do not want to come out of their comfort zone. I am sure whoever hears Tim’s story will appreciate his efforts, but if asked to do something, they will make hundreds of excuses.”

“Is that so?” Jessie interrupted me with a smile.

“It happens all the time,” I replied.

“Before answering I would like to know the reason for motivating people after retirement, Anshu?” Jessie asked.

“Well, I notice that a few people lose their zeal in their lives and develop a pessimistic approach after retiring from their jobs. I intend to write this article to bring about a positive change in their life.”

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Jessie thought for a moment and then said, “That is a great idea indeed, but do you know if we wish to change a person’s perspective, first we need to change his preconceived opinion.”

She continued, “What happens, Anshu, is that most people believe that after a particular age they are not capable of doing certain things. They also believe that they do not need any further achievements in their lives. Hence, when someone like you asks them to change their lifestyle, they just ignore it.”

She continued, “At first, even Tim did not want to do anything new after his retirement. He believed that he had done his bit. I never insisted to take up something by imposing things on him rather I only discussed with him my point of view of taking up the project on child psychology after my retirement. I used to share my experience and the joy I felt doing the project. Slowly he was convinced by my idea and started taking an interest in his hobby and agreed to explore the possibility of directing a play here in India. Gradually things moved on and today he is here, directing his Play.” Jessie explained.

“Is he enjoying his assignment?” I asked with curiosity.

“He is loving every bit of it! He thanks me every day for persuading him and giving him a direction to explore his hidden talent. The recognition and sense of achievement make him so joyful and energetic that now he is far busier than me. “Jessie said enthusiastically.

“That is great. I wish you both a blessed life. It is always wonderful talking to you. I hope my readers will find the article useful and will definitely give their hobbies a try after reading it.” I said.
It was time for the play to start, so both of us ended our discussion and moved to the auditorium to watch the play.

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