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1. The work which is done effortlessly is your calling. If you are doing a task being so interested in that work that you do not feel the pain of the efforts you are putting in.

This is one and a different kind of article I wanted to share to find your true calling.

Whenever I meet my friend Meera, she has only one thing to tell me her son, Arnav does not study well and does not score good marks in his class. She remains worried about Arnav’s future all the time.  But, what I’ve noticed about him is that he keeps himself busy surfing the internet, where he reads a lot about different countries, the culture, economic, and political conditions, places to visit, the people etc. He has extensive knowledge about the various features of many countries. He can talk about everything related to travel, the culture and traditions of many different countries.
Whenever I discuss Arnav’s interests and knowledge with Meera and tell her that Arnav is a genius and he will be going to do very well in his life, Meera would end up discussing her worries. She wants Arnav to become a doctor like his father.

One of my neighbours has a daughter who is an excellent singer, and she wants to become a singer. But in their family, a girl is not allowed to become a professional singer. Therefore, she is forced to study science subjects to become an engineer.

A relative of mine is a banker who always wanted to be a musician. He plays many musical instruments and sings very well. He devotes much of his time to music after coming back from his job.

We can find many such examples in our day-to-day life around us. Sometimes, we also feel that our minds are also flooded with different ideas which we want to pursue. However, we are not able to understand what to do, how to do and why to do it. Such plenty of ideas confuse our minds at certain stages of life.

 The different ages may be:

1) Students when they have to choose their professions.

2) Professionals who are not satisfied with their jobs and work.

3) Homemakers who never got the chance to pursue their dreams, but have a hidden desire to do something in their life.

4) Retired people from their jobs who have the willingness to take up something which makes them happy and fulfilled.

So broadly these are the four stages where people want to understand what they want to do with their life.

So here are a few suggestions to recognise your calling:

1. The work which is done effortlessly is your calling. If you are doing a task being so interested in that work that you do not feel the pain of the efforts you are putting in.

2. It is familiar, and you know what you like, but you are not able to notice it by yourself. So recall those things which you relished doing when you were a small kid or a young adult.

3. It is something that other people notice about you, and they often tell you that you can do something in that particular area. So, you may ask others what skills they observe in you and what they have to suggest to you.

4. Once you understand what you wish to do, it is not easy to work on the same, because it is challenging to create something new.

5. You need to have the conviction that you will be able to overcome the hurdles which might come in the way. You must believe in your strength to create something new.

6. The results may not come out soon; instead, it often takes time to happen in actuality. So you need to be persistent and firm in your endeavours.

7. Sometimes your calling is not just one thing, and you want more. There is no harm in exploring more things at the same time.

8. Your dream is always bigger than yours. The idea can take you to such a height which you had never imagined before.

9. Once you have identified your calling, you need to fix a goal to begin working on the same. Writing a blueprint to accomplish your goal is the first step to moving ahead.

To be continued:
How to define your goal and plan to work on it?

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