The Secret of Happiness

Happy King


Looking inwards through wisdom, the third eye, you will find the strength to fight and regain what you have lost.

With this story, you will get to know the “Secret of Happiness”

Once a king who lost his battle, his throne, his power and position and was living as an escapist in a jungle asked a saint the same question,

‘How can I happily live my life when I have lost everything, What is the Secret of happiness?’

The saint smiled and asked him,

‘Rajan! how many eyes do you have?’

The king, who was not ready for such a simple and silly question, got furious but controlled his emotions.

Had anyone else dared to ask him such a question, he would have chopped off his head for this.

He replied slowly,‘ Maharaj, I have two eyes.’

The saint who was smiling with divine calmness said to the king,

‘Rajan, I will show you a different world tomorrow morning.’

And he went back to his ashram nearby.

The next day early morning, the king was sitting his eyes closed in front of the saint, did not know, he was going to get a hidden knowledge which everyone possesses already, but are not aware of the same.

The saint explained,

‘A person observes and perceives the world through his external eyes.

Throughout life, he looks at worldly things to gain dignity, status, happiness, contentment, affection etc.

Hence, when he loses those impermanent worldly possessions, he feels hollow and depressed.’

Addressing the king, the saint continued,

‘Rajan, the answer to the number of eyes you have, is that we have three eyes.

We can see two eyes, but cannot see the third eye, which is our wisdom.

Through Wisdom, we can see our true self which is full of energy, happiness, self-pride and affection.

A person who feels that he has lost everything, actually that everything consists of worldly pleasures, like our social status, our relationships with others, our worldly possessions, and our physical strength.

These are the things which we see through the external eyes.

Also, we should know that all these possessions are not permanent, so they keep coming and going.

Hence we cannot rely on them for our lasting happiness.

Looking inwards through wisdom, the third eye, you will find the strength to fight and regain what you have lost.

You will find that your happiness lies in what you have, yourself, your skills, good memories, your kind deeds and mother nature, which provides us with all the things essential to survive.

These things are permanent in you.

Nobody can ever take these away from you.

Use these strengths to regain what you want.

Your lost reign, status, wealth and relationships can be won by those inner powers. Identify them!’

The king got his answer.

The king acted at his discretion and reunited his companions with great enthusiasm.

He again fought and regained his lost kingdom and lived a blissful and happy life ever after.

Friends!!! The story is just to motivate us that happiness lies within ourselves and remains within us.

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