Welcome Zindagi Chapter 3 : A busy morning



A busy morning

She cooks the food so delicious as it becomes difficult to stop your hands from eating.

Sharma Ji stood up with waving his mouth after eating eight to ten idlis, saw Suman standing in a smiling posture with Tiffin.

‘How was Idli sambhar?’

“Awesome! how do you prepare everything so delicious?” Listening to the version of  Sharma Ji, Suman laughed and quoted,

“You should have told me earlier that food today will be for you only; I made Veg-Biryani and Raita for everyone. How much is left now.”

Then, thinking some idea, she said,

“No issues, Ma & Papa are coming tomorrow. I’ll put these dishes in Freeze till tomorrow. Ma likes Biryani very much.”

Sharma suddenly remembered that his friends would be waiting for Biryani today because yesterday he had told them about it.

and as it was a busy morning, he thought –

“They all will eat my Tiffin. The shameless people will not leave even a drop for me.” Thinking this entire, he asked Suman,

‘Hey, Suman! I forgot to tell you that they will wait for your Biryani. I told them about this yesterday. So quickly put it for everyone. I’m going to take out the bike; please hurry up, it’s getting late for office.’

While saying this, he came out in a fast move. Today he has to reach office on time since it was so scary yesterday itself.

Suman quickly arrived at the kitchen and put Biryani in the other big Tiffin.

“No idea where his mind keeps wandering?

Sometimes say something and next time another thing.

Unnecessary escalated my work, initially told to keep a smaller quantity of lunch and therefore I searched hardly a small Tiffin box.

Now, asking again to fix it in big Tiffin box.”

Rambling Suman came out with packed food in the regular big Tiffin box.

Here, Sharma got out of the bike and was waiting for Suman standing outside.

Suman came out quickly and gave the Tiffin.

Sharma rushed immediately with the bike without any Bye Bye. It was unusual, Suman thought,

“There is definitely something wrong today, or else he is never so much in a hurry, anyway, will ask in the evening.”

She was tired of working since morning in the kitchen; she relaxed on the couch.

Now nobody will come at home till evening.

The children went to maternal grandmother’s house and Sharma’s parents had gone on a pilgrimage.

They were scheduled to return by the next day. Suman was entirely free that day; all the work was done.

She got breakfast for herself and switched on the TV.

She thought to enjoy her favorite TV programs throughout the day.

Such an opportunity is so rare that she is alone in the house and no one is there to disturb her while watching the program.

And Then what happens?

See in the next Chapter :4 coming soon on www.anshushrivastava.com


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