10 Healthy Habits for Teens

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The bottom line is that in order to develop healthy habits in teens, parents must remember and follow certain practices in their lifestyle

10 Healthy Habits For Teens

10 Healthy Habits parents can start teaching their Teens from childhood.  As the Habit formation starts in children from childhood. If the parents follow healthy habits, it will more likely become a habit for the children. Parents are role models in making children physically active.

Spain was ranked the world’s healthiest country and will soon boast the longest life expectancy on the planet. What exactly is the Spanish secret to success in being the healthiest country across the globe?

Why are people in Spain Healthy?

  1. Quality food – They eat healthy and fresh food.
  2. An active, sun-soaked, low-stress, and comfortable lifestyle
  3. Early morning activities – Waking up in the morning is the factor of sunshine and blue skies. They spend too much time outside and are more active as a result. They walk a lot more than home.
  4. Good weather adds to better health.
  5. High-quality healthcare system- ‘Spanish healthcare is excellent’
  6. Less Pollution
  7. They follow the Mediterranean diet
  8. Spaniards are also famous for their version of the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes olive oil, nuts, fish and legumes. — and less red meat, processed meats, and baked goods.
  9. A study found that people who ate a Mediterranean diet had a significantly lower risk of a major cardiovascular event, such as heart attack or stroke than those eating a low-fat diet.

10. They consume Less canned foods and include more vegetables in their diet.


Some exceptions

Not everyone had such a healthy overview of Spain, as some complained about late dinner times, fried food, air and noise pollution, and lack of air conditioning. Also, Wine is cheap so consumption is high.

What can we learn from Spanish people to inculcate healthy habits in teens?

We can learn many things from Spanish people to inculcate healthy habits in teens.  Parents need to follow specific parenting tips:

10 Healthy Habits For Teens are as under –

1Physical Activities

Make physical activity part of daily routines. Parents need to be active and spend at least an hour in physical activity. Children follow their parents. When they find their parents active they are motivated to be active too.

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Include different forms of exercises-

Simple running, jogging, and exercise can be boring and monotonous for teens. Find some fun activities that they like to do. For example, swimming, sports of their choice, trekking, riding bikes, dribbling a ball, etc.

3. Include Family Activities-

Good parenting involves teens in family activities. For example, walk with your children to the market, wash the car, etc. Involve them in Planting and weeding in the garden, cleaning the paintings and decorative pieces in the home, and resetting wardrobes.

4. Group Activities-

Plan some sports activities with their friends. Arrange activities like a bike ride, jump rope, dance, skating, etc.

Plan some group activities like playing indoor games or dancing with the neighbourhood and relatives.

5. Visit Water parks and sports clubs-

Encourage your teens to visit water parks and sports clubs to try different games.

6. Participate in School Activities-

Encourage teens to play in the school and participate in other activities.

7. Discourage watching TV and Computer for long Hours-

Limit television and computer time and do not let your teens use them in their bedrooms.

8. Setup Home Gym-

Sometimes due to bad weather, a busy schedule, being tired, and health issues, you cannot plan physical activities. At such time, have some other options to stay active. For example, purchase some sports equipment at home, joining sports clubs where children can go on their own, etc.

9. Encourage having a healthy diet at home-

Diet plays an important role in maintaining good health. Try to cook different cuisines at home. Home cooking is the best to make food both healthy and tasty.

Prepare the food of the teen’s choice at home. Encourage them to eat their favourite food made at home. Outside and packed food is harmful to health.

10. Sleep on time-

Last but not least, a good night’s sleep is essential for teens to stay active throughout the day. It helps in improving concentration during studies. Sleeping less than 7 hours causes anxiety and restlessness in teenagers.


The bottom line is that in order to develop healthy habits in teens, parents must remember and follow certain practices in their lifestyle

Factors that help people get healthy habits to include:

  • Diet: Eating a balanced, nutritious diet from as many natural sources as possible
  • Active lifestyle: engaging in at least 150 minutes of moderate to high-intensity exercise each week.
  • Stress-free lifestyle: learn to manage stress effectively, maintain a positive attitude towards life
  • A good sleep of 7 to 8 hours a day
  • Regular Health Check-up:
  • Engaging in activities that serve a purpose
  • Connecting with and caring for other people
  • Defining and implementing a value system

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