How do you push yourself to do better in life when you are fully broken?


Here are three simple steps to follow when you want to push yourself to do better in life when you are fully broken.

It would be better if you have someone to support you. Sometimes in life, people need support from others to have confidence and motivation.

If you are fully broken at this moment, then you need to do a few things to boost your inner strength. You can follow these tips with which you can restore yourself.

1. Exercise:

Regular exercises for about an hour daily boost all feel-good hormones serotonin, endorphins etc. in the body. This creates a positive impact on the mood of a person.

Have some sunlight and also practise meditation, yoga and deep breathing.

This is a nice app to practice meditation

2. Be Active:

Write your diary every day and include a few small tasks of personal choices in it. It is good to have achievable targets. Try to complete them in a day as much as possible. It will help to boost morale and self-worth.

3. Do not make impossible targets:

It is absolutely fine to wish to achieve something big in life. But, big targets sometimes create a lot of unnecessary stress. Hence, the mode of achieving it should be by breaking the big target into smaller ones. Accomplish smaller targets one after the other and keep celebrating every small achievement. Life is not a race. It should be spent on a beautiful journey by enjoying every scene of it.

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