How to overcome depression being far from family & friends


Depression is a feeling a person can experience in different situations in life.

Here are a few things that can be done to overcome depression when away from home, family and friends.

1. If you have no friends then try to make new ones as this will be a remedy for your depression. With friends, you will be able to share your problems face to face. Sharing thoughts and feelings is very important to deal with depression.

2. Talk to your family on the phone every day and share your feelings with them. You need comforting words from your close ones.

3. You can join some communities like the art of living or any NGO for feeling better. Meeting people will help you a lot. If you have any hobby, join classes to learn it or play some sports with other players.

4. Spend some time with nature and feel connected to it:  Nature is a true healer. The existence of beautiful nature should be experienced by a human because there is true bliss in it. It cannot be explained only by words, it has to be experienced. Hence, spend some time alone with trees, plants, sky, moon; stars etc.  Guided meditation will also help you. Here is the link to a free meditation app.

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