How do I overcome dissatisfaction and hopelessness in life?

girl feeling depressed and sad


I do not enjoy anything in life, and there is no satisfaction in anything I do.  How do I overcome dissatisfaction and hopelessness in life and start living? Here is a question in life

Do you feel the same????

It seems by your question that you were not like this way before.

Some unfortunate incidents might have happened to you and might be you have not got over from those events.

YOU CAN………….

  1. Discuss your emotions and feelings with a person whom you can trust would understand your feelings and would not be judgmental.
  2. Go to a professional therapist.
  3. Immediately start a physical exercise in any form walk, yoga, gym or any sport.
  4. Explore the joy of giving. If you find any school of downtrodden children near you, go and voluntarily teach something there. You will feel satisfaction.
  5. Tell them about some amazing things and see the smile on their faces. It will give you meaningful insight to deal with your state of mind.
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