“How should I improve concentration on my studies?”

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“How should  I improve concentration on my studies?” is a common question among students. So here is the answer.

To improve your concentration on studies, you need to follow a few tips:

1 Paste the pictures of your goal and role model on your study table-

Pen down your goal in bold letters and stick the paper on your study table. You can also stick a picture of your favourite role model or images of your choice to motivate you.

2 Keep your study room tidy

Secondly, The place where you study should be neat and tidy, have proper ventilation and have adequate lighting. Prefer not to read in your bedroom. If you have a separate room for studies, it would be better.

3 Put a few plants in your room-

Keep a few plants in the place where you study. Play some favourite light instrumental music. Spray a fragrance of your choice, or you can keep fresh flowers. Keep some fresh fruits in a small, colourful basket and water bottles. 

All this will create liveliness and freshness in your room. You will feel motivated.

4 Eat light and healthy

Have light and healthy food. It will help you feel light and fresh. It will not make you sleepy while studying. Have plenty of fruits, vegetables and soups. Keep hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water or lemonade. Keep some healthy snacks on your table.

5 Follow your Time Table with the help of Meditation

Make a timetable for one week. It should cover all your subjects and lessons. Do not make the schedule too long and take fifteen minutes of free time after every hour.  Stick it on your table.

When you start studying, do one-minute meditation and remind yourself why you are going to study. Remember your goal and then after every hour, check your progress.

Try to finish the lessons in the scheduled time. And if you have completed the targeted lesson in that hour, then draw a ‘Smilie’ on that particular box of the timetable itself.

Practice one-minute meditation every hour to remind yourself of the reason for studying.

6 Do not forget to exercise-

Go for a short walk and do some light stretching exercises in between your study schedule. It will break the monotony and keep your blood circulation healthy.

7 Ask for help if you cannot concentrate

When the day ends, you need to have completed the lessons scheduled for that day. If you are unable to finish the same day, then try to finish the pendency the following day.

If you are still not able to concentrate, do not get frustrated. Request someone close to you, like your mother, father, grandparents, brother, sister or friend to be with you while studying.  The presence of other people will stop your mind go elsewhere. They can remind you that you are losing concentration.

You can do a combined study with your friends, brother or sister at home.

You may also take tuitions.

8 Keep your phone away

Last but not least, you need to keep your phone away from you till your exams.

If you follow the above things, your concentration level will be excellent after a few days.

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