#Parentingtips to involve your Children in Family Customs and Culture

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Family culture and parenting


#Parentingtips to involve your Children in Family Customs and Culture

What are the family customs and rituals and why they are essential?

Family customs are the unique practices which a family alone does. These practices are the identity of the family.

These customs may be handed down from their parents, grandparents and relatives.

Those customs and practices are as under:

1. Celebrating the religious and cultural festivals,

2. Having dinner all together

3. Listening to soothing music in the morning

4. Playing a sport at the weekend

5. Visiting a specific place on some particular day of the week

6. Sharing the daily experience at the dinner table

7. Writing diaries

8. Also traveling once or twice in a year

9. Celebrating achievements and essential days like birthdays, anniversaries

10. Watching favorite sports or TV serial or movie

11. Greeting each other every morning

12. Parents should encourage children to see their grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins who live far away. They can talk to them by phone or send letter and emails.

13 Invite relatives and grandparents to stay.

14. Meeting new people and getting involved.

15 Prohibition of physical abuse and hurt.

These customs may be anything which all the family members enjoy and have a common interest.

How does family custom and culture affect child development?

These practices strengthen the relationship between the members of the family. To perform these practices family members have to communicate with each other. Healthy communication is the key ingredient to nurture affection among all.

Connections, communications and love between the family members create a strong family bond.

A healthy family is where you get emotional and physical security.

Anshu Shrivastava

One can relax;

Also can talk to anyone without being scared or anxious with your family.

And get accepted and understood by them even if you are angry or excited.

He/she develops the ability to explore the world without fear. In addition to this, the child knows that whenever he/she needs for comfort and support and protection, the family will always stand by with them. A good communication solves many problems.

Fair rules and routine can help family members get along better and make family life more peaceful.

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