How to focus on studies for better results in exams?

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When you understand the pleasure and need of achieving the goal, then only you will feel connected to the target. And when you feel connected to the target, the mind will not distract.

How to focus on your studies for better results in exams?

As we all know, children face examinations very often.

During this time, children have lots of stress and equally stressed are the parents for their children’s exams.
For better results in exams, consider this story on focus for studies:

Four-year-old Ruchir does not leave his mother Sadhna for a single minute.

Tomorrow his father was going out for some work; Ruchir started insisting on going along too.

Sadhna promised to give ice cream to Ruchir in the evening, but this promise to feed them ice cream had become very costly for her because Ruchir was after his mother and was asking for ice cream every single hour.

And so, sadhana took him to the market for ice cream in the afternoon and then Ruchir calmed down by eating delicious ice cream.

The thing to be noted about this incident is that Ruchir had a desire to have ice cream and he was just focused on having an ice cream.

The desire to eat his ice cream was so deep that he disturbed his mother from time to time.

This is because,” if we desire to achieve any goal, it becomes easy to get it only we need to focus on it.”

If we believe in this theory and use it in all things, then it can be easy to achieve every goal.

However, it does not apply to every circumstance.

Some things that are by our wishes, we quickly get involved in achieving them without any distraction.

But, things that are contrary to our wishes are hard to get.

Yes! Here we are talking about studies.

Distraction while studying is quite common.

The reason for this is, that we are not able to get involved with that goal, which we aim to achieve.

For this reason, we get distracted.

Here are some ways not to get distracted to focus your mind while studying:


1. Set goals.

First, write all your goals in bold letters.

Paste in front of the table in your reading room.

Before setting goals, it is essential to look at what your goal is?

Why have you made this goal?

What will you get when you achieve it?

It is essential to understand this idea.

When you appreciate the pleasure and need of achieving the goal, then only you will feel connected to the target. And when you feel connected to the target, the mind will not distract.

You will focus on your studies better.

2. Source of inspiration

You can hang some pictures related to your goal, which inspire you, in the room.

You also get motivation by putting photographs of great people which increases the focus on studies.

3. Elegant furnishings

It is good to have a furnished area where you are studying.

Have some plants in the room for feeling the fresh experience.

Spray your favourite scent, or you can keep fresh flowers too.

You can also play your favourite light music.

By doing all this, your room will look clean, tidy, vibrant, cheerful and refreshing.

When you feel pleased, you will focus on your studies

4. Do not study on the bed instead use a table and chair.

It is good that you don’t study in your bedroom.

Arrange for any other place to study like a table and a chair.

While reading or studying in a bedroom, children often get lazy.

The environment is not as fresh as it is.

If this is not possible then read it on the table in your bedroom.

5. Avoid getting Monotonous

Keep some healthy snacks and lemonade with you to remove monotony.

Take this in between; it will also give you energy and also remove the boredom.

6. Focus on achieving the targets

Check your progress every half an hour to control your mind and focus.

Check-in every half hour that’s how much you’ve studied or have done in the last half an hour and how long you’ve been distracted.

Remind yourself again that you have to be alert towards the goal.

Do not let your focus go away.

Reminded again and again the mind begins to concentrate.

If for some reason the mind is not concentrated, even then do not underestimate yourself.

Slowly, your attention will begin to become concentrated.

7. Avoid boredom.

It is essential to take a break in the middle of the interval for short intervals.

You can take a little refreshment and exercise in the middle and go out in the open air.

You can also talk to anyone at home so that the mind becomes calm.

To overcome the monotony of studies, you should also get some time off, so that you are ready to study again.

It would be better not to use the phone while studying, not even watch TV or the Internet.

To entertain yourself, you can play some indoor games and outdoor games.

It emits energy into your mind again.

8. Time scheduling.

If you have to phone to watch TV or do some work on the internet, then set the time in advance.

Otherwise, there is often no time to know how much time is wasted in these things.

It would be better to put an alarm on your phone so that you remember how long you have to spend time in it.

9. Self-evaluate.

Review the day after it is over.

It may be that only 30 or 40% of the target in the first few days can be achieved, but you do not have to panic.

If you’ve got 40% or 50%, then praise yourself.

Do not be disappointed if you do not get favourable results.
Instead, be happy with whatever you have achieved.

Treat yourself with your favourite food or chocolate or any other thing that you think is a prize for you.

10. Continuous practice

For some reason, if you are not able to win your goal, you can take the help of someone else in the house.

Like your mom, father or siblings or anyone with you have cordial relations.

You can take help from them to monitor you.

Self-monitoring does not start at the beginning, so it is a great way to get help from someone else.

If someone else monitors you, then gradually exercising also results in self-monitoring.

11. Create a reading timetable.

Make the timetable of your studies every day so that you cannot complete as much as possible, enclose it in the next timetable.

This will not even tense you.

Just keep in mind that the next day you complete the job more responsibly. Gradually, you will be consistent with your timetable.

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