We are not taught the most important lesson.

a girl showing self love and respect


The charity begins at home

Life teaches us a lot but forgets to explain the most important lesson.

I am sharing with you all that is most important.

Man is social by nature. He loves meeting people and developing a good relationship with them through their kind, respectful and helpful behaviour.

Parents and teachers teach children to be kind to everyone. Both parents and teachers focus on inculcating these values in children.

Also, they teach information and knowledge about various things and children try to learn as much as they can.

As a result of providing a wide range of information, teaching about introspection and self-actualization goes unnoticed.

Unfortunately, everyone forgets an essential life lesson, which is to love and respect yourself. This is the most essential lesson of life because it helps you understand yourself. A person can truly love and respect others only when he experiences the same for himself.
So, understand your importance and give yourself as much respect and love as you pay to others.

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