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Learning how to turn negative criticism into positive feedback always helps you stay motivated.

Criticism is a common tendency found in many people so it is essential to learn to deal with criticism.

We see in our society that many people have a habit of finding fault with others. They have a tendency to express some disapproval of others. Also, we find that on different social media platforms, people write negative things about other people without knowing the reality. This practice is popularly known as trolling. The habit of finding fault and judgment in others is so common that there is a lot of trolling on social media these days.

Such habits are commonly known as criticism. Mostly, people do not even realize that they have such a tendency. And keep doing it until people tell them about it. Criticism is a painful experience, but it is a part of life experience. Not only does everyone in the outside world go through this experience, but we also find in our families that people have this tendency. And without understanding each other’s feelings, they keep on saying hurtful statements.

No community is immune from this trend.

Criticism has a negative effect on people. It creates low self-esteem, frustration, insecurity and stress in people. People tend to feel insecure from facing criticism emotionally and physically for a long period of time.
It is generally seen that whenever we face criticism, we respond quickly to it. Either we get angry or we get defensive. When we respond to someone in anger, the response is sometimes extremely harsh and that leads to unpleasant scenes between people. Sometimes it even breaks the relationship.

When we get defensive, we try to explain and want others to accept us with respect. But in reality, this doesn’t happen and we again get overwhelmed by the feeling of despair and insecurity. Eventually, we start feeling demotivated.
That’s why we need to learn to deal with criticism because we live in a society where anyone can be criticized. We Can Easily Learn How to Handle Criticism in A Healthy Way.
Learning how to turn negative criticism into positive feedback always helps you stay motivated.

So how can we do this? For this, we have to imagine two situations first.

Situation One- when the criticism comes from those people who are our well-wishers.
Situation Two- when the criticism comes from those people who are not our well-wishers.

1 How to respond to Situation one When the criticism comes from those people who are our well-wishers.

Step one in dealing with criticism is to identify whether the person is a well-wisher or not.

You should analyze the person’s identity. You know that person has a past history of giving you an honest opinion. It can be your parents, friends, relatives, neighbours or teachers, who have always helped you.

Then you need to understand the hidden message in their criticism. When you analyze their criticism, you will see that the response given is acceptable. When you agree with the feedback, then thank them for it. For example, if the criticism is about your performance and you also think that your performance is not perfect, then you accept and improve yourself.

Situation two – When the person who is criticizing you is not your well-wisher.

He is purposely making you feel down. So in this case, If their feedback is agreeable, follow the same as discussed in situation number one.

You should Accept your faults and be thankful to those people also. This is not an easy thing to do because You know that the person has an intention to make you feel down. However, be thankful to them if their feedback is alright. When you treat them in this manner they will be demotivated to criticise you in future. Because if you are not feeling low, their mission was not accomplished.
They did not criticise you to improve your performance, but made you feel low.

Feeling strong and feeling fine with their feedback shows your strong inner strength. People will not be motivated to criticise you or make you feel low in the future.
In case their feedback is not agreeable, then just ignore them. You do not need to explain Why do you not agree.

Why should you not bother about criticism by such people?

The people who intentionally criticise others suffer from low self-esteem. Because a person who has self-respect, will not insult others. A person who has high self-esteem, high self-confidence and has been brought up in a cultured and ethical society or communities Will never have this tendency.
So, do not bother about such remarks from people.
Have faith in yourself and do not respond immediately. In future, analyze things first. Understand the people’s intentions. See the underlying message in their remarks. After understanding the situation, you should respond with a calm and strong mind. If you learn to respond to criticism in this way, you will notice that you become more mature. You will improve your skills by Understanding your faults and mistakes. So change the negative impact of criticism in a positive output by following this method.

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