How should I deal with people who laugh at me?

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The people who stay in a positive and healthy surroundings, are always courteous and honest with everyone. People who have these values never criticise and taunt anyone.

To learn how to deal with the people who laugh or criticise you, you first need to learn to respect yourself.

It is a surprising fact that most of us learn to respect others, but we have never learned to accept ourselves.

Human life is the journey from perfection to imperfection. Humans experiment, make mistakes, learn from mistakes, and go into second trials with a more mature approach. Everyone is on the same path.  You are a person who is allowed to make mistakes.

Critical analysis is useful sometimes, but it is wrong to criticise anyone, including yourself.

Suppose you have to attend a party in a particular place in your city, but you do not know its precise location, what do you do? You take some wrong turns and then ask some people about the right direction. Finally, you reach your destination. It is probably too late to schedule. However, when you arrive at the place, you forget all the hassle.

Do you notice in this process that hardly any person with whom you inquired about the location, laughed at you? Do you know the reason? The reason is that they were strangers. They helped and empathised with you when you asked for their help.

Contrary to this, when you reach the destination, some people make fun of your late arrival. Why?

This is because people have some hidden feelings like jealousy, hatred, and greed for each other. This can be due to their nature or some previous experiences. Sometimes people make fun of known and closest people. It is a sad fact that people criticise people who are familiar with them.

However, you will find many people who greet you warmly and feel happy to see you there. Who are those people?

Those are the people who stay in a positive and healthy surroundings. They are always courteous and honest with everyone. People who have these values never criticise and taunt anyone.

Here are a few things to remember to deal with criticism:

1 Do not feel shy of failures: 

If you have failed at any time in life, then the most important thing is that you tried. You can achieve success by learning from mistakes and working with better strategies.

2 Accept Criticism with a positive attitude-

The person who takes criticism as his learning tool moves faster towards his goal. People who are critical of others, are teachers to let people know their shortcomings.

 So be mentally ready to accept the criticisms with a positive attitude.

3 People who criticise are not respectable

It is not worthwhile to feel low on criticism. The reason for this is that the people who make fun of others lack human values. Their behaviour is not respectable. Once you are aware of this fact, you will not face low self-esteem and confidence.

4 Ignore the people who criticise you-

You should not react to the people who laugh at you. Do never try to convince them. Just ignore them assertively. Show by your gesture that you are not affected by their behaviour.

Hence, focus only on the good and positive things in your life. Forgive and forget the negative people in your life. Life is a gift to us, do not spoil it over unpleasant things.

Figure out so many beautiful and useful things around you, embrace them and forget everything wrong in your life.

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