Chapter 04 – Nurture Optimism In Children

After a long wait of almost nine months when the doctor informs the parents that they have been blessed with a daughter or a son; in the first instance, parents do not believe that they have become a mother or a father. But, in the next moment, they feel highly excited.

Those are the best moments in parents’ lives. Having a child brings a lot of excitement and merriment; however, it also brings many responsibilities. But, to learn parenting skills, there are no training institutions available anywhere across the globe. The source of knowledge about parenting comes from elders, books and other resources.

As children grow older, they have to face the hassles outside the world. Hence, they need to be taught various skills to deal with the challenges of life.

The children while facing hard situations sometimes feel low and negative. It is, therefore, the parent’s duty to guide the children to remain positive in all circumstances.

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