Chapter 06 – Role of Parents in Building Self-Esteem in Children

After the babies are born, they are not aware of their existence. It is only by positive attention, loving care and acceptance; that they gradually feel conscious of their presence. They feel safe, loved and accepted, and this is the time when self-esteem is introduced into the life of the babies. Gradually, it starts growing with the children in a loving and caring environment.

The role of parents at this stage is essential. As the babies become toddlers and then young children, they learn to do some activities of their own. They start feeling good about themselves when they learn new skills like crawling, sitting, catching hold of things, moving, standing up, running etc.

Whenever they learn new activities, it gives them a chance for their self-esteem to grow.


1. When a child comes in your life,
2. Self-esteem is referred to as,
3. Whenever someone criticizes you,
4. Whenever you face a negative experience in life,
5. With negative outlook in life, a person
6. When the children make mistakes while learning new things
7. What is that factor which leads to the positive and negative perspectives among the people?
8. Praising the child is important, however, to make it effective
9. Whenever someone notices your weaknesses and tells you to improve,
10. Whenever the children make any mistakes
11. Significance of Self-esteem,
12. When your child does not grow up to your expectations,
13. There are other means to boost self-esteem in children,
14. When your child holds a cup of milk or sketch a line with crayon,


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