Chapter 02 – Teach Children to be Honest

Everyone wants their kids to be honest and never lie. However, sometimes they don’t follow the right strategies to teach children to be truthful. Some parents believe that children have a tendency to lie and that parents should punish their dishonesty. But this is not a true belief.
Parenting is a skill that needs to be continuously learned after becoming a parent.


1. When your children share their problems or shortcomings
2. As a parent, do you feel that you have properly explained to your children that their honesty means everything to you? You do not believe in punishing children but in developing the quality of honesty in children. To do this
3. To teach children importance of morality
4. When you come to know about the child’s lie first
5. Suppose you find the child with a cute pencil box which he brought from the school. It does not belong to him neither he received it as a gift.
6. When your child asks you some questions which are not age appropriate


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